Kinsey Report shows Peugeot 208 parts pricing not out of line, says PCSA boss

Peugeot has continued its good form in the Kinsey Report, the talented 208 once again playing the starring role for the French brand.

001-off-my-wheelsBrian Joss – In results just released, the popular B-segment hatchback finished at the front of a tough field of super minis, the record showing that a basket of parts for the 208 1.2 Active cost less than the same selection of parts for similar cars.

In line: 208 parts under the magnifying glass. Picture: Motorpress
In line: 208 parts under the magnifying glass. Picture: Motorpress

“As Peugeot’s mainstream car and volume seller the strong results since it was introduced to SA are particularly heartening and is a reflection on how hard the brand has worked to overcome the perception that bprand’s parts pricing is out of line,” commented Francis Harnie, managing director of PCSA. “We take the long-term ownership experience very seriously indeed and one of the biggest factors in this regard is insurance premiums – which are influenced strongly by the price of accident repair parts.”

In this regard the 208 is particularly impressive and was comfortably ahead of the opposition in the ‘crash’ parts category. In fact, if you were to have a front-end bumper bashing the 208 is the car to do it in: front fenders and radiator are the most affordable in this segment, while items like the bonnet and headlights are extremely competitively priced.

“Parts prices are critically important and while we were forced to revise prices in May, we welcome the fact that the Kinsey Report confirms we still enjoy an advantage with the 208, in a segment which is arguably the most important in the market. We are happy that our efforts to keep increases to a minimum showed the desired results, something we achieved by making use of our international network and fine-tuning each step of the process that leads to those items being on the shelf in a dealer’s parts department – irrespective of the Peugeot model in question. We will most certainly break down the detailed information provided by the extensive Kinsey Report and compare pricing with our competitors and further improve pricing where possible. This will be a continued process on our part.” concluded Harnie.

With affordable parts, a frugal appetite for fuel and a keen selling price, the 208 is a solid choice for those who need a small car with the heart of a Lion.

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