Message to Matriculants

Crunch time is here

councillor-memory-booysenFirstly, I applaud teachers for their year-to-year efforts to create conditions and transfer knowledge to learners, especially to matriculants, who now, have the ball in their court. A learner who is effectively tutored, excels in his/her studies and becomes more motivated. Motivation directs behaviour toward particular goals, increases persistence in activities and enhances performance.

My call for action is that you do not allow socio-economic circumstances to determine your academic progress or failure, you need to exercise dedication and discipline – for these qualities will open doors for you.

I also call on local non-governmental organisations, various government departments and community members to work collectively to address social ills and the prevalence of drugs and alcohol plaguing schools. If every person in the Eden district does something positive, however big or small, to influence the mind of a learner, imagine the success of our people.

Lastly, during this time, stay away from parties and social-media platforms, because these activities consume a lot of time and energy that could well be invested in your future.

I believe in you, but you have to believe in yourself too.

Good luck.

Councillor Memory Booysen

Executive Mayor

Eden District Municipality

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