Cecilia Square’s phase two of development launched

(Cape Town, October 2016) The environmentally-friendly and technology-intelligent office building, Cecilia Square in Paarl is relaunching phase two of the building development.


Already acclaimed 4 Green Star SA Office Design, Lazercor Developments, property leaders in innovation and sustainable solutions, will further incorporate green features to the second office building retaining 4 Green Star status.

The relaunch of phase two was due to meticulous negotiations and certain inevitable red tape experienced by a potential buyer of the phase.  The decision to place phase two back on the market for development as originally planned, was subsequently made by Lazercor Developments.

“The Western Cape has grown exponentially in the last year with new developments to the South East of Paarl and an influx of people from South Africa’s other eight provinces moving to the Western Cape,” says Mark Teuchert, Managing Director of Lazercor Developments. “Due to this we’ve already experienced a positive response from the agents as well as received interest from potential buyers.  We firmly believe that this is the ripest season to be placing Cecilia Square phase two back on the market.”

It’s with much excitement that Lazercor commences the development of the second green office building after the huge success of the first one, purchased by BKB Eiendomme. To add to the already planned innovative eco-friendly features, solar photovoltaic panels secured on the roof of the building will form the basis of contributing towards 70% of the electricity powering the office block, a new feature adding extra value and tangible saving. The overall structure of Cecilia Square has been designed to reduce carbon footprint and minimal environmental impact according to international guidelines. Every business purchasing or leasing office space will automatically be classified as reducing the carbon footprint of their business, a title worth its weight in gold.

Furthermore, a DALI control system will be installed whereby lights and air conditioners will automatically switch off when no motion is detected and it will ensure electrical lights aren’t in use if there is adequate daylight available. Lighting, power and HVAC consumption will be monitored monthly. Carbon dioxide levels in the building will also be monitored and controlled through automatic adjustment of air quality, taking the well-being of those working at Cecilia Square into consideration from all angles.

Additional features to create a comfortable and secure working environment, include a minimum of five parking bays per 100m², technology intelligence, premium security that includes CCTV, electrified perimeter fencing and biometric access control, state of the art server room, fibre optic connectivity, alternative power through an already installed generator and water savings through water wise landscaping.

“The definitive goal of Cecilia Square remains the same, which is to ensure the development of a 4 Green Star rating throughout the architecture, building and design, keeping the carbon footprint and energy-usage to a minimum. We boldly promise a calculated and expected saving of up to R60.00 per m² of building space per month. In turn and according to Australian studies, eco office spaces have seen an improvement in employee productivity by 25%,” explains Teuchert.

The office suites are reasonably priced from R19 000 per m² to purchase and from R145 per m² to lease. For further information, visit http://www.lazercor.co.za/sales_viewmore. Alternatively, contact Lazercor Developments on 021 880 9360.

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