Everyone is an office artist

The biggest online gallery of works of art from offices is being created as a part of the first International Office Art Biennale.

3The artistic creations of office employees, not always made officially and not necessarily as a part of their everyday duties, are being submitted by people from all over the world. This way International Office Art Biennale, initiated by Culture.pl, gathers the world’s biggest online collection of office art. This type of art brings together office artist from Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Santiago, Shanghai, Hong Kong or even Sydney, creating an extraordinary image of global office.

What is an office art? It is every non-standard expression of own idea, not necessarily related to work duties, but created in the workplace. The Biennale’s organisers are most interested in the office objects, interiors and interpersonal relations. To join the community of creators, one needs to make one’s own piece of art in chosen form and submit it via website: internationalofficeartbiennale.com.

– The idea for an exhibition of office art was born during the many never ending meetings that are an inseparable element of office life.  We wanted to create a project associated with art, but which would be inclusive and available for everyone, regardless of their position or work duties – says Krzysztof Biliński, of International Office Art Biennale (IOAB) team. On IOAB’s official website you can look over all pieces of work submitted so far and also read interviews with chosen artists.

To take part in IOAB you should use the website form and upload the outcome of your creativity as a  photo, gif or video. Using the hashtags #IOAB and #internationalofficeartbiennale you can also tag the creation on Facebook and Instagram. Organisers hope that Biennale will awaken the artistic talent within people and encourage not only the employees of huge office centers, but also freelancers, who work from home or cafes and all self-employed. There is still a year to closing of the first IOAB competition when the best works of art will be selected. The chosen masterpieces will be exhibited in one of Warsaw’s office centers.


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