RTL Service Presents RealTrac 3.0 — A Next-Generation Local Tracking System

The RTL Service Company recently presented the new version of RealTrac 3.0, a Local Tracking System. RealTrac 3.0 is a modular system that enables the tracking and positioning of people, transport, and equipment indoors, underground or in open areas. It provides tracking services in most territories where global positioning systems have proven inefficient.

1Key Advantages of the New Local Positioning Service RealTrac 3.0:

  1. New Hardware Components

RealTrac 3.0 uses new unified hardware components, rendering the cost of the system to four times less than it could potentially cost. Today, it is the most affordable positioning system worldwide.

  1. Patented Algorithms and New Technologies

The use of self-developed patented positioning and data transmission algorithms allows achieving the highest level of position tracking — with a precision of up to a few decimeters. An additional benefit is an improvement in stability, enabling the RealTrac 3.0 system to run smoothly under complex conditions.

  1. Built-Up System

The new version of RealTrac was created as a built-up system. The key benefit of this approach for a client is the opportunity to obtain individual solutions to solve specific tasks. Through the use of extension cards, it is also possible to upgrade RealTrac 3.0 system functionality whenever necessary.

“We developed a built-up system. That means you don’t have to choose between a cheap and easy area positioning and an expensive and difficult-to-install accurate positioning. The system is set up like a construction kit and is ready for area positioning in just 20 working days. It’s the most effective solution on the market as well.” — Timur Poltorykhin, RTL Service COO, says.

  1. Open API

The RealTrac 3.0 system features new open API for developers, allowing the use of RealTrac 3.0 in combination with the different solutions a customer may have. These features include various access control systems, video monitoring systems, business intelligence (BI) systems, and management systems.

As a result of the advantages provided by the RealTrac 3.0 system, customers receive the highest-quality area positioning at an affordable price, helping to provide greater control over staff, technical equipment, and hardware in real time.

About the Company:

RTL Service is a Russian developer of a local positioning technology within the premises. As of 2016, the company has expanded into European and South American markets and runs successful projects with international partners. The company has its own R&D department which allows creating and launching the company’s own projects as well as implementing advanced technologies in the fields of communication, data transmission, and area tracking. RTL Service also creates custom solutions for partners and customers.

Contact Information:

+44 (203) 868-95-75

+7 (495) 268-06-05


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