Trump has Never Been More Right About Syria

The negative aspects of a Trump presidency are astounding, people we have 61 days till inauguration day to cherish Obama’s work.

Luke Rebello – There is one instance though that Trump’s policy has been far far far better than Obama, and this is regarding Syria. Yes okay, people will say he is just appeasing Putin, supporting a blood-thirsty regime, helping Iran, etc etc. Well yes these criticisms will be thrown around and all the while Trump has never been more correct on this policy decision.

Someone needs to inform the Obama administration that regime change in almost all forms is wrong. Nowhere in the constitution does it say to introduce democracy to nations, A nations infrastructure, military, political leaders must all be wiped out. My biggest fear with Clinton winning the election was her Syria policy which ultimately would have led to a conflict with Russia. Regime change in most forms is wrong, and morally indefensible, mainly because Obama and Clinton designed this ruse that regime change has been to protect civilians. This blatant lie that the mainstream media is feeding the public to create mass hysteria of children being killed en mass and regime indiscriminate strikes, it is appalling.

Hear me out, I would elect to support an authoritarian regime of Assad, Gaddafi, or Hussein any given day of the week over what follows a military intervention to force regime change. The one thing Trump was correct about was these Authoritarian leaders, even though they had flaws on the human rights front, they were experts at killing terrorists and promoting freedom of religion. If you can honestly tell people that there are “moderate rebels” who can effectively run and manage a country in a democratic fashion you seriously have been living under a rock. From beheading videos to chemical weapons use, child soldiers, ethnic cleansing, and collaboration with Al Qaeda, these “moderates” are really radical Islamists. Under the peace deal signed by Russia and the US moderate rebels were to be separated from Al Qaeda and other terrorist factions. This has not happened at all, it’s not possible because these military factions are so deeply imbedded within one another they operate as one.

If Assad was to fall to fictitious moderates, in a plan derived by Obama and Clinton (further evidence provided by WikiLeaks), not only would there be a repeat of one of the worst mistakes by the Obama administration, Syria would effectively be turned into a terrorist breeding ground similar to Libya. No, the Obama administration has no idea who they are arming and providing millions worth of weapons to, nor can they control attacks on civilians, commercial airlines, targets back in the West, and other non-military targets.

The United States of America has been nothing but hypocritical towards Russia on their Aleppo campaign, how at all are the campaigns for Mosul in Iraq different than for Aleppo in Syria? I will tell you Russia has delivered many Tones of aid to the people is Syria, while the US has not delivered remotely similar amounts of aid to the people they continuously bomb. Russia is developing trust with the Syrian people, you can see it through their set up of a reconciliation center, human-military uses, and their support of the YPG. A kurdish militia in the North battling ISIS and terrorist of the FSA supported by Turkey. Turkey has invaded a sovereign nation and attacked Kurdish unit in Syria, where is the condemnation from NATO and the UN. A country unilaterally moving troops into Syria and Iraq, while their leader claims that towns in both Iraq and Syria belong to Turkey. If Turkey and Saudi Arabia have their way, Assad would be removed and the “moderate” terrorist factions would divide and conquer Syria.

To the mainstream media, it is time to actually do your jobs, Russia is only targeting terrorist factions in Syria to support the legitimate government in Syria. A Donald Trump presidency will tackle ISIS head on and hopefully even in a collaborative effort. To those who would scoff at such a working relationship, even after Assad said he is willing to open communication channels to America, I ask you where was the public outcry when over 1 million Iraqi civilians died in the invasion of Iraq, where was the public outcry in Yemen where civilians are butchered daily, why does Canada and the US and the UK supply billions in arms to Saudi Arabia the number one sponsor of terrorism in the region? No it is not even close between Iran and Saudi Arabia, western nations should cancel all arms contracts and condemn such actions by Saudi Arabia, yet they are too focused on Russia, playing into cold war hysteria, and continuously introducing new sanctions on Syria and Russia. Saudi Arabia for all their talk on human rights executed 157 people in 2015, and so far in 2016, 134 have been executed. This is wrong, there is credible evidence that the US is sponsoring terrorism, similarly to how ISIS and Al Qaeda were founded. The idea that foreign wars can be fought by Jihadists is mind boggling. It has never worked, it will never work, and these policies must be stopped.

Donald Trump has made many blistering remarks during this campaign but that does not take away from his non-interventionist approach to working with Russia in Syria to defeat ISIS. Once that is complete it will be an even greater feat than Obama getting Bin Laden. Trump has the opportunity to work with Russia and restore Syria to its once Secular beautiful former beauty. As a Catholic, I have always dreamed of travelling to Syria, as the pictures of before the war show a beautiful country that accepts races and religions of all kinds thanks to the Syrian government who had many ties to the US as well. I would only hope through a Trump presidency, once again a United secular Syria can be rebuilt. It is time for Western Democracies to stop funding jihadists and start supporting peace in the Middle East by supporting legitimate government figures.

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