BOKAMOSO | Malema’s incendiary comments should serve as a red flag to us all

“We are not calling for the slaughter of white people, at least for now…” Julius Malema’s comments, made on Monday 7 November after appearing in the Newcastle Magistrate’s Court on two charges of violating the Riotous Assemblies Act of 1957 for urging land invasions, are hugely irresponsible given that Malema is an influential public figure.

bokomosoThis racially charged rhetoric, suggesting that the slaughter of white people may become necessary in the future, is reckless incitement and should be strongly condemned by all South Africans.

We at the DA reject it outright as being divisive, dangerous and entirely against the national interest. Accordingly, the DA has reported him to the SA Human Rights Commission for investigation and recourse, and they have confirmed that they will address the matter.

The proliferation of social media has highlighted many incidents of overt racism in our society, including Penny Sparrow’s offensive racist remarks, Malema’s incendiary comments and the “coffin assault” incident, in which two white men forced a black man into a coffin and threatened to set it alight for trespassing on their property.

All of these instances are the most visible examples of a pervasive racism that still persists in South Africa today. These actions betray their perpetrators’ ignorance of our history and ingratitude for our 1994 consensus. Click here to keep reading…  

Mmusi Maimane

DA Leader

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