Choosing Long Term Investments for Reduced Market Risk

Warren Buffet, the second Richest man in the world and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway got to where he did through a very peculiar methodology. This hinged on the pretty simple notion that the long term buy-and-hold strategy is the best in the game.

Such simple advice is easy to forget in a world that emphasizes instant gratification over his time-tested technique of “snowballing”. But Warren Buffet also relied on another principle to make his fortune. He purchased only quality stocks. This stands in stark contrast with many of the flashy public figures on the internet today who advocate the pump and dump technique for “getting broke quickly” using penny stocks.

If the inherent risks of the market made those methods sketchy before, the introduction of high-frequency trading by large institutions makes them even more precarious today. The fact is that people are shorter on patience than ever before, but of course, that puts those who have this rare virtue at a competitive advantage.

Warren Buffet also famously said that the first rule of making money is avoiding the loss of it.

The difference of course is that Buffet didn’t make his fortune on the internet. Warren Buffet bought shares in Berkshire Hathaway the old fashioned way: over the telephone. In a rapidly changing world, where the internet is increasingly vulnerable to hackers, DDOS attacks and glitches of all kinds there’s more to choosing a broker than many traders wish to believe. Your choice of a quality broker will help you survive the financial storms of the future.

That’s why Glenmore Investments insures your capital against loss by internet-related risks. With an impeccable track-record reaching back 26 years, we’re a stronghold for your capital. We furthermore understand the importance of keeping your money segregated from our own funds.

We provide you over 70 of the world’s highest quality equities, commodities, indices & currency pairs.

With the American markets having responded positively to Donald Trump’s election, in large part due to his proposed cuts on corporate taxes, there’s new cause for excitement in the markets. Disruptive technologies additionally offer a high-potential future for those who want to capitalize on long-term trades.

We offer assets in largely German, American, British and French stocks and indices. These comprise the best instruments within the world’s strongest economies, making them prize picks for traders who want to make the most of their capital. There are also a range of commodities and currency pairs to choose from.

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