Keep your carpets & upholstery looking new for longer

Having your upholstery and carpets protected with Fiber Protector will keep them looking like new for longer.  Fiber Protector provides easy stain removal and release.  Fiber Protector protects against UV sun-fading.


From our humble beginnings in 1996 Fiber ProTector® has grown to a service company providing services and products to the high-end market carpet and fabric manufacturers as well as luxury hotels, cinemas, theatres, cruise vessels, aeroplanes and corporate offices.

In 2000 Fiber ProTector® Cruise division in Miami was established. The demand for high-quality products in the cruise industry made us expand to serve our clients better using strategically located service hubs throughout the world.

Later Fiber ProTector® opened doors in Sweden, Turkey, Spain and South Africa.

In 2005 Fiber ProTector® launched their consumer line which is now available in over 2000 stores in Norway, increasing every day.

Having a diverse customer base, you will find our services being offered to a variety of fields in many countries.

Some of our customers range from hotels, cruise ships and restaurants to oil rigs and rail uniforms, cinemas, airport and airlines.  We’ve done them all!

Regardless of which industry they belong to, no one likes stained furniture, carpets or flooring. Not only does it affect the ambience of the specific area, it could also create de-motivation and sickness among staff and most importantly it could lead to a bad reputation for the image of you and your surroundings.

After almost 7 years in business, Fiber ProTector® has earned a reputable name in the business community! Our ever-expanding customer portfolio would be our proof.

Our customer database has been kept confidential, however, on request, we are willing to forward a list of Fiber ProTector® users relevant to your industry.


Fiber ProTector is a world leading Company within preventive maintenance solutions for carpets and all textiles.

Fiber ProTector South Africa acquired the Africa Distribution license from Fiber ProTector NorgeAS in March 2014.

Fiber ProTector South Africa’s service offerings are designed to reduce maintenance, costs and to improve the properties of fabrics, carpets and many other materials.

Fiber Protector South Africa focuses on commercial business –to-business channels as deep cleaning and protection specialists. We specialise in all the sectors for residential to commercial and from automotive to aviation. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quotation.

Fiber ProTector South Africa will expand and grow the business on the continent via national franchise opportunities to dedicated entrepreneurs per regions in South Africa and Partner with well establish enterprises in the rest of Africa. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information regarding these opportunities.

We strive to carry the Fiber ProTector brand and business acumen in to Africa and help create many successful SMME businesses in the process.

Deep Cleaning Specialists

Fiber ProTector ® uses the most technically advanced and effective cleaning equipment available on the continent. With an unique and specially design cleaning product range, for the optimal cleaning results with damaging the Fiber ProTector protection.

Protection Specialists

Fiber ProTector ® the most technically advanced and effective fiberprotection system available. Designed to help keep fibersclean and stain free, this treatment will significantly increase and maintain the original appearance while extending the service and life cycle of carpets and fabrics.


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