Inflatable-Zone: big inflatable product specialists

Established in 2008, Inflatable-Zone is the leading company and the share-issuing enterprise with both manufacture and marketing.

With the great support of experienced staff, the advanced technology, and heat-welding machines, we are dedicated to providing various professional services, including responsible after-sales service, OEM service, drop-ship facilitation service, etc.

Inflatable-Zone specializes in big inflatable products, including Bubble Soccer or Bumper Ball or Loopy Balls call them whatever you may water game toys like water roller, blob, and trampoline, inflatable slide, and bouncer. They are export-oriented and approved by our customers from United States, Europe, Canada, Australia amongst others thanks to our fine workmanship and quality assurance. And customers are welcomed to offer us customization ideas, like logo printing, personalized size, shape, and design.

In order to maintain the long-term business relationship with our customers, we are committed to living up to their highest expectation about our services and products and promise to provide the most satisfied products.

For more information, please feel free to contact us or visit our factory. May Inflatable-Zone be your best business partner!

Bubble soccer is a new thing for people who are looking for excited and out-of-box sport. Bubble soccer is more about fun rather than organized exercise. To buy it online wholesale or retail for sale and rent it for an affordable price are the most popular way to purchase. Bubble soccer, also known as bubble ball, bubble suit, and bubble ball soccer, is an innovative sport in town. Bubble soccer requires a few teammates to make the game work, pretty much like the traditional soccer game. To be more specific, bubble soccer game is players wearing a huge inflated bubble suit with the upper body completely covered and only legs sticking out for running for the possession of soccer. During the bubble soccer game, players inevitably run into each other, or precisely speaking, bump into each other while fighting against the soccer. And bumping is the essential fun of this game. It is fun to play, as well as fun to watch.

Similar to human hamster ball, zorb ball is a very large ball for people inside and rolling down the hill, which a crazy and exciting game. Online wholesale or local store business is available. To buy zorb ball online for sale would be great deal. But to rent zorb ball would be more likely to be with cheap price.If people are familiar with bubble soccer, they may get the easier understanding of zorb ball game. It is also called human hamster ball. as the name suggested, zorb ball is like a hamster ball, but with a human inside. Zorb ball is a very large ball which is able to contain a human being inside to walking inside the ball or down the hill. It has a zipper for people get inside and handles for players to hang tight with while playing. And people who can easily get sick after spinning may not be appropriate for this game. But it definitely is a wild and exciting game for enthusiasts to play.

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