George Old Car show celebrates 21 years

1886 Benz on show – George – The George Old Car Show, driven by Oakhurst Insurance Company Ltd, is celebrating its 21 year of existence on 11 and 12 February 2017.

This 1886 Benz forms part of a special exhibition focusing on German manufactured vehicles that will be seen at the 2017 George Old Car Show, driven by Oakhurst Insurance Company. Photo: Phillip Rosser

“This annual event of the Southern Cape Old Car Club (SCOCC), will celebrate the show’s 21 years of existence with an exhibition exceeding the more than 1 000 vehicles,” said Phillip Rosser, chair of the committee organising the 2017 Show. It is expected that the 2016 record number of 12 000 visitors will be exceeded this year.

Visitors from all over South Africa, who attend one of the biggest car shows of this kind in the country, will not be disappointed by the rare vehicles on exhibition.

In 2017 the focus will be on vehicles manufactured in Germany and this special exhibition will consist of 35 unique and rare vehicles.

The most prized item in this special exhibition is an 1886 Benz Patent Motorwagen. “This was the first vehicle manufactured with an internal combustion engine,” said Kobus Harris, president of the South Cape Old Car Club, who has been collecting vehicles of German manufacture since 1983. “This is one of only ten replicas in the world and belongs to the Mercedes-Benz SA factory in East London.”

Mercedes-Benz SA has been manufacturing vehicles in South Africa since 1955. The W212, 190 Sedan, which was completed on 31 January 1958, was the first vehicle to  be manufactured here. “Benz, who was on the forefront of manufacturing, soon developed more models and other manufacturers followed their lead,” said Harris, who visited the factory in Germany. At present only the Mercedes-Benz C Class is manufactured here.

Two of Harris’ own collection of will also form part of the special exhibition, namely his prized red 1960 Mercedes-Benz 190 SL convertible and his maroon 1959 Mercedes-Benz 220 S Sedan.

Other special Benz models on exhibition include a 1901 Benz “Ideal”, which will be brought from Cape Town. Dr. Waldo Scribante, president of Mercedes-Benz Club SA, and ardent collector from George, will display three of his vehicles, namely a 1913 Benz, a 1935 Mercedes-Benz 130 H, and a 1938 Mercedes-Benz 320.

Volkswagen, another German vehicle manufacturer, will also display vehicles at the show. “We approached Auto Pavilion Volkswagen Museum in Uitenhage to exhibit Volkswagen vehicles, and they are bringing two Volkswagen Beetles dating from 1949 and 1979, the latter being the last vehicle manufactured in Uitenhage,” said Harris.

BMW will be represented by two models dating from 1936 and 1938; there will also be a 1938 DKW and a 1935 Opel Cabriolet.

Oakhurst Insurance Company Ltd is on board for the second consecutive year. “The George Old Car Show  driven by Oakhurst Insurance Company Ltd is one of the greatest annual events in the whole of the Western Cape, and given our love of all things ‘family orientated’ and very specifically ‘car related’, we are absolutely thrilled to be part of it once again,” said Peter Grindlay, managing director of the company. Oakhurst will launch its new Classic Car Insurance during the 2017 show.

George executive mayor Melvin Naik at the launch of the 2017 George Old Car Show driven by Oakhurst Insurance Company Ltd confirmed the George Municipality’s continued support of the show. “We would like to foster the relationship with the George Old Car Show and see what other incentives can flow from this relationship.”

Another highlight of the George Old Car Show driven by Oakhurst Insurance Company Ltd is an exhibition of more than 5 000 model cars. Besides precious private collections, retailers will also offer miniatures for sale. As part of the theme of the special exhibition, miniatures of vehicles of German manufacture will take pride of place.

The 2017 Veteran Tour, which takes place on Friday 10 February, will start in Uniondale and arrive at PW Botha College during the late afternoon. Owners of vehicles which were manufactured without front brakes will travel from all around the country to take part in the tour of some 180 km.

Another highlight of the 2017 George Old Car Show driven by Oakhurst Insurance Company Ltd is a Drive-Thru through Thembalethu and Pacaltsdorp on Saturday 5 February. A group of old cars, accompanied by the Southern Cape Old Car Club’s fire truck, will take part in this special event during which Herman Ungerer, the club’s announcer, will promote the show in English, Afrikaans and Xhosa. 

The SAB Beer Tent, managed by George Rotary, will provide cold drinks in a shaded area, while a number of stalls will sell food, soft drinks and a selection of merchandise. Young children will be kept busy in a safe area at a minimal fee.

The George Old Car Show, driven by Oakhurst Insurance, will take place at PW Botha College in York Street, George. Parking is available.

Entrance fees:

Saturday: Adults R50, Pensioners R40, Children R20

Sunday: Adults R20, Pensioners R15, Children R10

Special weekend package deal: Adults R60, Pensioners R45, Children R25

Gates are open on Saturday 07:00 to 18:00 and Sunday 08:00 to 13:00

The official opening by George Excective Mayor Melvin Naik will take place at 10:00 on Saturday.

For more information contact Phillip Rosser on 082 410 5490 or Chris van Staden on  082 491 5254, or visit the Southern Cape Old Car Club website at

1886 Benz op uitstalling

George – Die George Oumotorskou, gedrewe deur Oakhurst  Versekeringsmaatskappy Beperk, vier sy 21ste bestaansjaar op 11 en 12 Fbruarie 2017.

Die 1886 Benz vorm deel van die spesiale uitstalling wat fokus op voertuie wat in Duitsland vervaardig is, wat tydens die 2017 George Oumotorskou, gedrewe deur Oakhurst Versekeringsmaatskappy Beperk te sien sal wees. Foto: Phillip Rosser

“Tydens hierdie jaarlikse geleentheid van die Suid-Kaap Oumotorklub gaan die George Oumotorskou se 21ste bestaansjaar gevier word met ‘n uitstalling van sowat 1 000 voertuie,” sê Phillip Rosser, voorsitter van die reëlingskomitee van die 2017 skou. Na verwagting sal 2016 se rekordgetal besoekers van 12 000 oorskry word.

Die besoekers, wat vanoor die hele land na die Suid-Kaap stroom om die een van die grootste oumotorskoue in die land by te woon, sal nie teleurgesteld wees nie. Vanjaar se spesiale uitstalling fokus op voertuie met ‘n Duitse handelsmerk en altesaam 35 unieke voertuie vorm deel van die uitstalling.

Vanjaar is ‘n 1886 Benz Patent Motorwagen die uniekste voertuig in die uitstalling. “Dit is die eerste voertuig wat met ‘n binnebrandenjin toegerus is,” vertel Kobus Harris, president van die Suid-Kaap Oumotorklub, wat sedert 1983 Duitse motors versamel. “ Die replika is een van slegs tien replikas wêreldwyd en behoort aan die Mercedes-Benz SA-fabriek in Oos-Londen.

Mercedes-Benz SA vervaardig sedert  1955 ook voertuie in Suid-Afrika. Die W121, 190 Sedan, wat op 31 Januarie 1958  voltooi is, was die eerste voertuig wat hier vervaardig is.

“Benz, die voorlopers in ontwikkeling van voertuie, het vinnig nog modelle ontwikkel en gebou en ander vervaardigers het gevolg,” vertel Harris, wat ook die Mercedes-Benz-fabriek in Duitsland besoek het. Tans word slegs die C-klas Mercedes-Benz hier gebou.

Twee van Harris se eie voertuie wat deel vorm van die uitstalling, naamlik sy rooi 1960 Mercedes-Benz 190 SL sportmotor en sy maroen 1959 Mercedes-Benz 220 S Sedan.

Ander spesiale Benz-modelle is ’n 1901 Benz “Ideal” wat van Kaapstad af kom. Dr Waldo Scribante, president van die Mercedes-Benz Klub SA en entoesiastiese versamelaar van George, stal ook drie van sy voertuie uit, naamlik ’n 1913 Benz, ’n 1935 Mercedes-Benz 130H en ’n 1938 Mercedes-Benz 320.

Volkswagen is nog ’n Duitse vervaardiger wie se voertuie deel vorm van die uitstalling. “Ons het die Auto Pavillion Volkswagen Museum op Uitenhage gevra om deel te wees van die Duitse uitstalling. Hulle bring twee Volkswagen Beetles wat dateer uit 1949 en 1979. Die 1979-model is die laaste een wat in Uitenhage vervaardig is.”

BMW is ook teenwoordig met twee modelle wat onderskeidelik uit 1936 en 1938 dateer. ’n 1938 DKW en ’n 1935 Opel Cabriolet vorm ook deel van die spesiale uitstalling.

Oakhurst Versekeringsmaatskappy Beperk is vir die tweede jaar aan boord. “Die George Oumotorskou, gedrewe deur Oakhurst Versekeringsmaatskappy Beperk, is sekerlik een van die grootste jaarlikse geleenthede in die ganse Wes-Kaap,” sê Peter Grindlay, besturende direkteur van dié versekeringsmaatskappy. “Omdat ons ingestel is op die gesin en veral voertuie, is dit vir ons ‘n vreugde om weer deel te neem.” Dié maatskappy stel vanjaar ‘n nuwe versekeringsproduk vir Klassieke Voertuie tydens die George Oumotorskou gedrewe deur Oakhurst Versekering bekend.

Melvin Naik, George se uitvoerende burgemeester, het tydens die bekendstelling van die 2017 George Oumotorskou gedrewe deur Oakhurst Versekering in November verlede jaar die George Munisipaliteit se voortgesette betrokkenheid by die skou bevestig. “Ons wil graag verhoudings met die George Oumotorskou smee met die doel om ook ander geleenthede te ontgin.”

Ander hoogtepunte van die George Oumotorskou gedrewe deur Oakhurst Versekering is ‘n uitstalling van sowat 5 000 modelmotortjies. Benewens die uitstalling van kosbare privaatversamelings sal daar ook modelmotortjies te koop aangebied word.

Vanjaar se Veteraantoer, wat op 10 Februarie plaasvind, vertrek vanjaar vanuit Uniondale en eindig die Vrydagmiddag by die skouterrein. Voertuie vanoor die land neem deel aan die toer wat een van die hoogtepunte vir versamelaars is wat elke geleentheid aangryp om met hul veteraanmotors te toer.

Nog ‘n hoogtepunt van die 2017 George Oumotorskou gedrewe deur Oakhurst Versekering is ‘n promosierit deur Thembalethu en Pacaltsdorp op Saterdag 5 Februarie. ‘n Groep ou motors,  vergesel deur die klub se brandweerwa, ry deur die woonbuurte terwyl die omroeper Herman Ungerer die skou in Afrikaans, Engels en Xhosa die skou bekendstel.

Naas die uitstallings sal die SAB biertent, bestuur deur George Rotariërs, en verskeie stalletjies wat eet- en drinkgoed verkoop die innerlike verkwik. Jong kinders sal teen ‘n geringe fooi onder toesig by ‘n veilige speelplek besig gehou word.

Die George Oumotorskou gedrewe deur Oakhurst Versekering vind plaas by die PW Botha Kollege in Yorkstraat, George. Parkering op skoolterrein is beskikbaar.


Saterdag: Volwassenes R50, Pensionarisse R40, Kinders R20

Sondag: Volwassenes R20, Pensionarisse R15, Kinders R10

Naweekpakket vir Saterdag en Sondag: Volwassenes R60, Pensionarissse R45, Kinders R25

Hektye is Saterdag 07:00 tot 18:00 en Sondag 08:00 tot 13:00

Melvin Naik, George se uitvoerende burgemeester, neem die amptelike opening Saterdag om 10:00 waar.


Kontak Phillip Rosser by 082 410 5490 of Chris van Staden by 082 491 5254 vir meer inligting, of besoek die Suid-Kaap Oumotorklub se webblad by

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