Keep your love life moving this Valentine’s Day!

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we’re all stressing about finding the right activity that will make this one unforgettable date! But why not try a dose of activity to spice up your life? Break the ice with some of these first-date sport ideas, and remember, they’re not only limited to Valentine’s!

Dance Classes

“Instead of the ordinary drinks at a local trendy bar, try something a little more out-of-the-box, like a swing dance class or even Zumba to get you warmed up and laughing the whole way through”, says Conry Orange, a Fitness Manager at Zone Fitness. Swing dance isn’t your usual night out, but it can teach you some new moves and get to know your partner a little better! 


This can be great fun as a date idea, as you can set the pace of it. You don’t have to be extremely fit to do a beginner’s hike. To make it more fun, pack a small picnic to take along and take a break when you reach your destination whilst admiring the view! 


Take this activity to the beach on a warm day and spend time lazing in the sun and cooling off in the fresh ocean. Bring your friends too and play some beach activities like frisbee or badminton! If the beach isn’t for you, there are plenty of public swimming pools you can visit, and you could even give the diving board a go! 

Rock Climbing

This too can be done both inside and outside. Inside is great for beginners as you can choose an easy course and have an instructor (or your date) guide you if you still need to get the hang of it. 


Something we all loved doing in our youth, it can make you feel silly at times but we guarantee you’ll laugh for hours! Grab a drink, listen to the cheesy music and sing along while you practice your shots. You can make things more interesting by putting a kiss on the line as a prize. 


We mean rollerblading or ice skating. Ice skating gives you a chance to grab onto your date and fall around a lot, which are guaranteed laughs! Rollerblading will give you the opportunity to get out into the fresh air and maybe stop for an ice-cream somewhere.

Bike Ride

While we’re on the topic of being outside with fresh air, bike riding can be a laid-back way to see some sights in your city or ride along the promenade with ocean views if you’re lucky enough to live near the beach. Stop along the way and visit a few places – try a museum or park for a snack stop and coffee. If you’re both feeling up for a challenge, take your bikes on a more challenging trail or try mountain biking. 


Take your date or significant other out into the ocean and spend the day in the sea trying to catch a few waves. It’s an easy way to bond with one another and is extremely rewarding once you get the hang of it and feel the rush of riding your first wave! While we’re in the water, why not try out a sneaky snorkeling session? Once you’re done surfing and feel like something more relaxing, try snorkeling in the area and see what you can find. You might find something to keep as a memento of the date! 


This is also an activity that’d be a load of fun in a group, so you could make it a double date and pair off, seeing how well you can work together as a team, all the while getting dirty and testing your aiming skills! 

The Colour Run

If you want to get more colourful than dirty, The Colour Run is an easy 5km course filled with colourful powder, music, people and laughs! “You can walk or run this race, it’s all up to you to set a pace, making it great for all fitness levels,” says Orange from Zone Fitness. Enter with a partner or a team and make a little competition out of it. 

With so many options to choose from and gorgeous summer days on which to do them, we hope you have an awesome month of love and bonding with these active date ideas!

Ivana Buchanan is the group training specialist at Zone Fitness, a nationwide gym chain with 22 gyms across South Africa.

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