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17 – 19 February: IGNITING YOUR MAGIC

Nia and Yoga retreat with Jillian & Rene Lambert 

A weekend of nia, yoga and family constellation to support you in Igniting your magic and accessing the barriers to creating your abundance. A perfect venue to unfold, with daily nia & yoga practice, as well as an opportunity to experience family constellation work. In life we put our best selves forward to the world, yet it is our wounds which determine how we create our abundance. We deny these unconscious patterns. What would happen if we explored them and thank them for their protection and intercession? Family constellations is a tool for unearthing that which is at the centre of our exploration. We see in 3D the obstacle, ancestor or emotion that prevent us from being our most dynamic authentic whole self.

10 – 13 March: TRANSITIONS –  A JOURNEY THROUGH MENOPAUSE with Dr Anne Pargiter and Professor Wendy Woodward.

Dr Anne Pargiter is a well women GP practitioner and registered Menopause practitioner. She also has a solo practice in Tokai, Cape Town and have been qualified for over 30 years. She has a special interest in mindfulness and was one of the founding members of IMISA. Wendy is an Emeritus Professor at UWC and a published poet and also has an interest in mindfulness. She runs creative writing classes in Cape Town.

The retreat includes medical knowledge and management of menopause, mindfulness sitting and walking, making of collage soul cards and creative writing. It is a chance for women to explore a holistic journey through the menopause transition and into the “third act” of their lives and to empower them to celebrate this journey rather than fearing it.

17 – 19 March:  Dr Arien’s   MIND BODY RETREAT

Mind to brain, heart and body with emphasis on self-love, neuroplasticity and epigenetics for more information contact www.DrArien.co.za

This is a weekend retreat where science and nature will strive to be in balance! Some time will be spent on fascinating, basic introductory scientific information to keep the left brain happy, but emphasis will mostly be on exploring practical right brain and whole brain ways and fun activities to enhance and encourage the neuroplasticity (malleability) of your brain. From there, it’s a short skip and a jump to positively influencing the health of all your cells and especially your heart, to encourage self-love from your own heart to your own body, then extending via the heart’s electromagnetic energy field to the world around you. We can influence the messages we send to our cells, through our informational substances (a.k.a. ‘molecules of emotions’ as described by Candace Pert), that is the epigenetic binding through on our cell membranes that affects every single function inside each of the 50 trillion cells within our bodies. We’ll explore many ways of enhancing our inner physical, emotional and spiritual world for a happier, healthier, wholesome you.

20 – 24 March:  INNER WELLNESS RETREAT  with Celeste Du Toit.

This very popular healing, growth and balancing retreat invites you to discover your inner being, helps you heal and get that SPARKLE back in your life, leading to true fulfilment and a life lived with passion and purpose.This retreat is for you, if you are:

  • Feeling unfulfilled, stuck, in a rut or trapped
  • Constantly making the same mistakes
  • Experiencing major life changes or trauma
  • Convinced you’re destined for more in life
  • Lonely and unhappy inside
  • Questioning your spirituality and want to deepen it
  • Longing for joy and passion
  • Just feeling STUCK

Take some time for yourself, and allow a journey inwards. Leave the outside world behind for a few days, in the beautiful, tranquil gardens of Temenos.

24 – 26 March: ALL ABOUT WRITING

This very popular workshop will be facilitated by Trish Urquhart. This is what you’ve always wished for – an escape from your busy life, from cell phones, children and partners … To think. To day-dream. To be creative. Most importantly, to write. Join All About Writing on our Weekend Writing Retreat at Temenos, in McGregor in the Western Cape. The weekend promises a creative boost to get your writing going, to re-ignite a stalled project or push it forward substantially. There will be stimulating seminars on writing process, but you’ll have plenty of time to do your own writing too. Novelist Jo-Anne Richards and screen and scriptwriter Richard Beynon will be constantly on hand to prompt and mentor participants. The Weekend Writing Retreat is ideal for anyone who hopes to unlock their creative talents in a structured, friendly and encouraging environment and for writers who want some uninterrupted writing time with a little writerly camaraderie thrown in.

31 March – 3rd April – ZEN PEN: A WRITING, BEING & MEDITATION RETREAT with story-teller, poet and mentor Dorian Haarhoff. To make your booking contact temenos@lando.co.za or 023 625 1871

Discover the writer inside you. In this wordshop we explore our innate creativity and imagination and find the words to tell our stories… to make them more alive. We discover the connection between writing and meditation. We write and meditate on the many changes and transformations we experience as we journey down the river of our lives. The wordshop also focuses on how to pay attention, be present in your writing and engage the reader as a creative partner. And source your bliss. Beginners are welcome.

Dorian Haarhoff is a story-teller, poet, speaker and a writing mentor. A former Prof of English Literature (Univ of Namibia) he has also taught  in a Canadian faculty. Dorian now facilitates writing and story-telling wordshops. He has frequently led writing retreats at Temenos and other centres. Dorian is passionate about developing innate creativity and imagination. He believes in the power of stories and images to create new realities. To bring healing. To build our belonging. His workshops are based on his texts, The Writer’s Voice. A Workbook for Writer’s in Africa. and The Halo and the Noose: the Power of Story-telling and Story-listening in Business Life (co-authored) 


For Rachael Glaser, Argentine tango is a passion that stole her heart while living in Buenos Aires. Rachael teaches tango as a subtle form of non-verbal conversation between leader and follower which is grounded in a mindful awareness of the moment. Through improvised communication, dancers move together in a harmonious flow with music. This unique workshop designed by tango teacher and communications therapist Rachael Glaser, and assisted by dancer Lizelle Steyn, they will introduce participants to the mindfulness meditation in the tango and provide an opportunity for participants to swop roles to understand the effect of their communication on others in a partnership. There is space for both couples and single people. No previous dance experience is needed. 

Website link: http://www.libertango.co.za/temenos-tango-retreat.html

10 – 12 May: CULTIVATING Poise, Posture, Presence & Conscious Walking as true  ECOLOGICAL AWARENESS in the GARDENSCAPE OF TEMENOS.

Facilitator Marguerite van der Merwe leads gently and skillfully in restoring inherent Poise, Postural integrity and Presence which, with The Arts of Natural, Conscious Walking become true ecological awareness.  BODY SENSE Alexander Technique brings body, mind and spirit into harmony & vitality. There will be smatterings of the Arts of Walking, Tai Chi/Qi Kung, delicious food, music, meditation, personal spaciousness, deep restfulness & creative relaxedness.

To make a reservation for any of the workshops please contact Temenos at +27 23 625 1871 or temenos@lando.co.za

More about Temenos Retreat McGregor:

In the heart of the small town of McGregor, nestled against the verdant slopes of the Langeberg Valley, lies the sacred gardens of Temenos, often referred to as ‘the best kept secret in the Western Cape’. Here, on the site of powerful ancient ley lines where the notion of linear time becomes pleasantly muddled, lies a spiritual sanctuary where you can escape the noise of modern-day life and bask in pure tranquillity.  For anyone in search of beauty and stillness and the delight of losing oneself in the peace of mysterious gardens, this is the place for you.

Remarkably uncommercial, this oasis will appeal to anyone seeking a safe and gentle getaway.Temenos offers beautiful accommodation in its wild and wonderful garden, a wide range of healing therapies and workshops, abundant birdlife, a private lap swimming pool, relaxing libraries and access to private sacred spaces and shrines, a labyrinth and a forested spiral.  Visitors can also enjoy accompanied early morning walks or Yoga and there are two gentle meditation sessions each day which anyone is welcome to join. For delicious meals, the well -known restaurant on the premises, Tebaldi`s, offers superb classic and seasonal cuisine.

Temenos embraces an inclusive and universal spirituality. It does not express any specific religious or spiritual path. Here the gentle spirit of acceptance pervades. It is a gently healing space open to everyone, offering an opportunity to experience its gifts of peace, harmony, inspiration and healing.

More information: http://www.temenos.org.za/

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