Revive the Platteland through Tourism Initiative!

We have received a communication from Kjeld Krüger of Tour Guiding Leadership who has started an interesting initiative called “Revive the Platteland through Tourism”.

In a nutshell, this is a 12 week 2 province tour guiding course which results in an excellent qualification as well as a reciprocal visitor swap for the participating guest house/lodge.  Please read more about the course content by following this link.   

Should you be interested please contact Kjeld Krüger at the details given below.

The Initiative and Partnerships

Effective partnerships are central to the ensure the Revive the Platteland through Tourism Initiative matures to the beautiful product it can be. 

There are 3 partners in this partnership and initiative:

  1. Guest House / Guest Farm Owner from the town or community

o   Role

  • Identify a person from your community who will fit into the role as a tourist guide (see criteria under Student).
  • Sponsor 50% of this person’s training for the 12-week program at R15000 (50% of R30.000). This will allow him/her the opportunity to qualify as a provincial tourist guide for 2 provinces and a variety of selected tourist guiding support subjects.

o   If necessary you can upgrade your guesthouse/guest farm, then make it available to the joint initiative. It is necessary to accommodate a group of 8-16 overseas tourists (4-8 rooms) for 6-7 days every two weeks, depending on the capacity of your guest house. Eventually, it should increase to a group of overseas guests every week.

o   Prepare your staff to cater for the overseas guests – should you need assistance in this regard, we can make our chefs available to you to train your staff ahead of time, or you can get your own catering staff.  

o   Benefits

o   To you as Guest House owner:

  • A constant flow of higher paying overseas guests increasing your guest house/guest farm income substantially from August to April when tourists from the Northern Hemisphere prefer to come. From May to June you can accommodate mostly local tours with South African guests, although we do receive overseas guests, but in lower numbers.

o    To your community

  • Your guests will spend a lot of money in your community, which will serve as an incentive for business people and entrepreneurs of your community to cater for the needs of your foreign guests.
  • You will create more jobs.
  1. The Student (identified by the Guest House / Guest Farm owner):

o   Criteria for selection:

  • 35 -70 years or even older depending on energy levels (our oldest student who successfully qualified as a provincial tourist guide was an 80-year-old farm widow from the Deep Kalahari). Our target market is overseas tourists in the 50-80 year category –  therefore our guides must be at least 35 years old.
  • Ideally, it will help pensioners with a love for people and travel, to earn an additional and healthy income from this partnership. 
  • With personal qualities such as:
  • Friendliness, honesty, integrity, a good communicator with good PR skills
  • Energetic
  • Positive attitude
  • Good work ethic
  • Calm demeanour
  • Hard worker with a strong willingness to learn

o   Role

  • Commit 100% to the training program thereby ensuring to complete the selected subjects (mentioned under Course Content below)
  • With the student’s your full commitment we will offer him/her the opportunity to qualify as a Tourist Guide who can guide freely across 2 provinces.
  • The student acquires new linguistic skills.
  • Although there is not enough time to train you as a specialist tourist guide, we will certainly assist and mentor you in certain fields of specialisation, based on the tourism treasures found in your 150km radius.
  • With the newly acquired skills and knowledge base in tourism, the student you will assist TGL with identifying tourism gems in a 150km radius of the guest house to build a 7-day tour. Inputs from the owner of the guesthouse/guest farm will be appreciated.

o   Benefits

  • Enjoy a fun-filled 12 weeks while you are trained as a top quality tourist guide who will function on a more advanced level – it will be a nice challenge which you will enjoy!
  • You will be very much enriched with all the new information and skills you will learn.
  • Meet many new and interesting people and enjoy the privilege to visit new and exciting destinations, whilst you are sharing your superior knowledge with your guests.
  • Learn to speak a new language.
  • Earn a very healthy income through this partnership and initiative
  • Make a huge difference to your community.
  1. Tour Guiding Leadership:

o   Role

  • Develop the student optimally into a top quality Tourist Guide through our intensive but fun-filled training program adapted to train individuals who haven’t studied in recent years.
  • Mentor the student in various fields of specialisation depending on the tourism gems found in the 150km radius.
  • Together with the student (with inputs from the guesthouse owner) we research the cultural and natural tourism treasures within a radius of maximum 150km from the guesthouse/guest farm, and we develop a tourism itinerary
  • We subsidise the training cost and accommodation and meals by 50%.
  • Marketing globally through our various marketing platforms and travel agents to ensure overseas tourists on tour
  • We will supply the infrastructure and logistical support

o   Benefits

  • The joy to see a dream come to life by reviving our Platteland
  • Enlarge the area and diversity of our tourism offer
  • Train top quality Provincial Tourist Guides to our ways to function and guide on an advanced level to the benefit of our touring guests

Period of Training

18 April – 7 July 2017 (12 weeks)


The total cost of this program is R30.000, of which TGL is subsidising 50%.

To become a partner in the 3-way partnership from the side of the Guest House Owner and the Student, they must make an arrangement between themselves to pay R15.000 (50% of R30.000).

Should you wish to add a 3rd province it will cost an additional R3.500.

There are no additional costs.

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