Nissan launches car sharing service featuring “mobility concept vehicle” in Yokohama

Nissan Motor Co and the City of Yokohama have introduced a round-trip carsharing service featuring the Nissan New Mobility Concept, an ultra-compact electric vehicle.

Brian Joss – The service, “Choimobi Yokohama,” enables users who register online to pick up and return cars in 14 locations around Yokohama Station. Cars can be reserved 30 minutes in advance and can be driven within the city.

The service costs 250 yen for 15 minutes plus a 200 yen basic charge, with a maximum daily charge of 3 000 yen. Users need a Japanese driver’s license, a smartphone and a Japan-issued credit card.

Sharing service: the ultra-compact electric vehicle. Picture: Motorpress

Nissan and the City of Yokohama previously conducted a two-year trial of Japan’s first one-way car sharing service using ultra-compact electric vehicles, starting in October 2013. The aim was to encourage low-emission transport options, improve the quality of transportation and promote tourism. In October 2015, the partnership began renting cars to local tour operators and businesses.

The new round-trip service is meant to further promote ultra-compact mobility and build a sustainable business model through public-private cooperation. The service will also include guided tours around central Yokohama and long-term car rentals for businesses.

Nissan and the City of Yokohama will continue usability and feasability studies by encouraging various local entities to join the programme.

As the leader in zero-emission mobility, Nissan continues to seek ways to harness ultra-compact electric vehicles to improve transportation and the quality of life.

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