Rosanthorn electric cello trio releases EP and upcoming shows Somerset West and Cape Town

Rosanthorn Electric Cello Trio combines the talents of Dorette Roos (Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra), Carol Thorns (Electric Cello Pioneer and SAMA Nominee) and Anjulie Nock (Cellist and Composer).

These three cellists share an exciting vision for the Cello – to revisit and re-position an instrument that is often overlooked. The result is an act that leads the way in the electric string genre

This all-female electric cello trio released their first self- titled 6 track EP in April 2017. It is available on Itunes and at

Rosanthorn have set out a compositional and technical journey to explore all that the Cello has to offer across multiple genres and timbres, with the help of South Africa’s top composers and producers. Their repertoire includes recordings and re-interpretations of works as varied as Vivaldi’s Double Concerto in G Minor, Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, and Imogen Heap’s Hide and Seek. Anjulie Nock has composed new works such as Night Journey (with a stirring Game of Thrones feel) and an original Tango (think Scent of a Woman for Cello). The Parting, by Helmut Meijer, is  a reflective, stripped-down, soulful composition which inspired their first music video.

Says Producer and Composer Helmut Meijer: “The sound of the 3 cello’s together is exquisite. This project is musically satisfying and a pleasure to record. I predict that Rosanthorn is going to be the talk of the town.”

Carol Thorns, a Cum Laude Bachelor of Music graduate from Rhodes University in South Africa, is an industry pioneer of the electric string genre. Her debut solo cello album ‘Fireflies In The Rain’ was nominated Best Instrumental Album 2010 at the South African Music Awards. She enjoys nothing more than presenting her instrument in unique settings and interesting collaborations. As a result, she is the driving force behind popular fusion band, CODA Africa, and her breath-taking act, The Bubble (which presents the artist in a giant, transparent sphere). Rosanthorn Electric Cello Trio is the latest in her growing portfolio of celebrated music concepts.

Thorns says of the exciting new venture: “Rosanthorn came about for both social and musical reasons. Cellists don’t often get to play together in our industry, and I genuinely missed spending time with my cellist friends. Now we see each other continually in the process of writing, rehearsing and recording. From a musical perspective, the simple beauty of 3 cello’s in harmony has literally taken my breath away. It is very satisfying sonically as an ensemble and Rosanthorn is a project of which I am extremely proud.”

Dorette Roos, who has been playing for the Cape Town Philharmonic orchestra since 2008 says Rosanthorn allows her to redefine her cello playing: “Cello has always been a huge part of my life. With a degree in cello performance, one is trained as a strictly classical musician – performing in orchestra and playing chamber music – always with sheet music in front of you.  Rosanthorn brings a whole new dimension to my world of cello playing. Performing with an electric instrument takes on a completely different role from being a classical orchestral musician. I am extremely excited to be part of this project.”

Anjulie Nock, who is also head of music at Parklands College composed two of the tracks on the EP. One of these tracks, “Umdaniso Dolore”, is a dance written in the style of a Tango, with an African ‘stomping’ influences. Nock explains: “The theme is melancholy, to be performed ‘dolore’ which means sorrowfully, or with sadness. Umdaniso is the Xhosa and Zulu term for ‘dance’. This dance of sorrow, musically translates the human emotion of being able to feel happiness and pain simultaneously.” 

Video: The Parting ~ Rosanthorn:

“Rosanthorn blew Plettenberg Bay out of the water on Sunday night with their premier performance which had the audience awestruck and begging for more!” Plett Music Festival Organiser, Carmen Clews.

“Spell-binding harmonies, such beautiful restrained playing – I was transported to a magical place as you combined your talents to produce an energetic, emotive, wistful, and witty show.” Audience member, Plett Music Festival. 

Other info:

The name Rosanthorn is a combination of the cellists names – Dorette Roos forms the ‘Rose’, Anjulie Nock gets to be the ‘An’ and Thorn is Carol Thorns.

Upcoming Rosanthorn shows:

The Drama Factory, Strand

Friday 21 April 2017.

Cover: R120

Time: 19h00

Physical Address: 
25 Comprop Sq, Henry Vos Close, Asla Business Park
Strand, Western Cape, South Africa


Youngblood Gallery, 70 – 72 Bree Street.

Wed 17 May 2017.

Time: 18h30

Pre bookings: R120.00

Tickets at door: R150.00

Bookings: 087 806 5856 /

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