SMEs should take advantage of the tax incentives for PV systems

2 May 2017: Businesses that make use of renewable energy solutions are entitled to tax incentives that could substantially drive down their operating costs. All businesses, especially small to medium enterprises (SMEs), should take advantage of this opportunity.

This according to Cala van der Westhuizen, Spokesperson for Energy Partners Home Solutions, a division of Energy Partners, a leading supplier of energy solutions in South Africa and part of the PSG group of companies, who says that using solar power as an energy source, could be one of the best decisions that an SME can make. “South Africa receives as much as 2500 hours of direct sunlight each year. This means that an average PV system can significantly cut an SME’s electricity costs.”

Van der Westhuizen says that VAT registered businesses that install solar photovoltaic (PV) systems can already deduct 14% of the total cost of a new system. “Additionally, the Income Tax Act allows business owners to deduct the value of new PV systems as a depreciation expense from their business income tax in the first year. This 100% accelerated capital allowance applies to business solar PV solutions that produce less than 1 megawatt of power,” he says.

South Africa’s National Treasury has stated that this allowance is part of its initiatives to encourage investment in cleaner energy forms, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to broaden the country’s energy sources.

Tax experts have also warned that South Africans should prepare for a new carbon tax to be imposed in the near future. “The tax would likely see businesses paying substantially more for electricity and fuel. Businesses that already have PV solutions installed by that time, will therefore see an even higher return on investment from their systems,” Van der Westhuizen says.

Van der Westhuizen points to an example of one Energy Partners SME client who saved R10 000 on electricity for the month of January 2017, generating 4 400 kWh of solar power with a 22 kWp system.

“Unlike some home or large commercial solar solutions, a solar solution for an SME doesn’t have to be complex or integrated. Most SMEs have no need for a battery system or heat pump, which are costly components. The repayment term of a solar PV system for a commercial installation is close to around 4 years, depending on certain factors like self-consumption and the tariff structure. With solar panels that have a 25-year production warranty, it is very much like buying 25 years’ prepaid electricity at 5 years’ cost,” Van der Westhuizen says.

“Energy Partners also offers financing options for SMEs, as well as a Performance Lease Agreement, which allows for the installation of the system at a fraction of the cost.”

With the pressure to save costs increasing every day, it makes business sense for SME owners to consider a renewable energy solution. If you are interested in benefiting financially from a solar PV solution to work in your business, contact Energy Partners for a free, no-obligation energy assessment. Visit or call 0861 000 606. 

About Energy Partners Home Solutions

Energy Partners Home Solutions (EPHS) offer clients holistic and innovative home energy solution guaranteed to realise significant savings on a household’s energy bills. In 2016, the organisation launched its ground breaking new product, the ICON Home Energy Hub. The first solar inverter and battery combination developed specifically for the South African residential market.

The ICON forms part of a full home energy solution, including Solar PV, Batteries, Heat Pumps and LED lights. By combining these technologies, Energy Partners (EPHS) is able to provide significantly better savings and financial returns than other solutions: a family sized home could save up to 70% of their electricity bill and earn more than 16% return on their investment – twice what a standard PV-only solution would provide.

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About Energy Partners

Founded in 2008, Energy Partners is a leading energy solutions provider in South Africa that provides clients with innovative solutions (including fully outsourced supply contracts – e.g. steam generation) to suit their needs. Energy Partners has built a high quality team of talented individuals and robust processes which offer end-to-end solutions and integrate the different components of energy optimisation to deliver optimum results – including capital solutions that put clients in a positive cash flow positions from day one. Industries in which Energy Partners specialise include: food retail, retail, healthcare, hospitality, food processing and logistics. For more information visit

About PSG

PSG Group is an investment holding company consisting of underlying investments that operate across industries which include financial services, banking, private equity, agriculture and education. PSG Group has a market capitalisation in excess of R40bn, with our largest investment being a 30,7% interest in Capitec.

Additional group companies include Energy Partners, Impak, Curro and Capitec.

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