Excessive speed the focus of United Nations Global Safety Week

The fourth United Nations Global Safety Week has drawn to a  close. This year, the focus was on the role excessive or inappropriate speed plays in the number of road fatalities under the slogan of ‘Save lives #SlowDown.

Brian Joss – MasterDrive is playing their role in bringing attention to this worthy week by participating in various road safety initiatives.

The first was a safety initiative was a Bakwena Trucking Wellness Day at a weigh bridge along a Bakwena toll concession (N1N14 in the Tshwane area). MasterDrive used the opportunity to share their knowledge on safe driving skills and the power of their impact. Meanwhile Trucking Wellness, an initiative of the Bargaining Council, was also there to provide complimentary health checks to truckers.

Keeping an eye out: a speed camera, watching brief on global safety week. Picture: Fotolia

A #SlowDown Save Lives day will also be hosted by Kasi Road Safety and the Road Traffic Infringement Agency (RTIA) on Saturday 13 May 2017. The Minister of Transport, Joe Maswanganyi, will be in attendance at this event.

It is in line with the theme of the UN National Safety Week and seeks to raise awareness of the role of speed in fatal crashes.

The MD of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, is enthusiastic about the role South Africa is playing in this important week. “It is unlikely we will ever make a significant change in the high road fatality statistics South Africa faces without the support of the public. Each person who gets behind the wheel needs to understand the integral role they play in road fatality statistics with each decision they make. This is especially true for speeding.

“Excessive or inappropriate speed for the conditions is, in particular, a major challenge to reducing fatal crashes. Along with strict enforcement and harsh punishments, acknowledgement from the public of the importance of not speeding can go a long way in bringing the change we need. With recent changes in legislation and these awareness campaigns, I hope we can achieve this change.”

Visit:  www.masterdrive.co.za to find out more about the UN Global Safety Week.

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