Eden DM “House 2 Home Project” continued

Cllr Mark Willemse, the Speaker of the Eden District Municipality (Eden DM), continued with the ‘House 2 Home Project” which was initiated by his predecessor Cllr Doris Nayler, who aimed to make a difference in the lives of people in need, irrespective of age, race or colour. 

Recipients from Kwanonqaba in Mossel Bay, the Eden DM delegation and Councillers for Mossel Bay Municipality

During an interview, Cllr Mark Willemse explained that the project portrays a very important social awareness tool for Eden DM. “It is essential that Council do something for the community, and I believe through this project, we can support our poorer communities in the district.  Currently, we are donating blankets, and as we all know, winter is fast approaching and a blanket is always welcome. We also foresee to assist and help families during fires and disasters, which has become a common phenomenon in our region,” said Cllr Willemse. 

FLTR: Eden DM Speaker, Cllr Mark Willemse (left) with Cllr Niklaas Booisen from Mossel Bay Municipality (middle) and Cllr Rosina Ruiters (right) Deputy Executive Mayor for Eden DM

During the past week, Speaker Willemse, accompanied by Eden DM’s Portfolio Councillors, donated blankets to vulnerable and needy people throughout communities of George and Mossel Bay. Forty (40) blankets were donated to a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) in Thembalethu, the “Disabled People of South Africa”.

Eden DM Speaker, Cllr Mark Willemse with Cllr David Willemse and residents from Parkdene who received blankets

On Friday, 12 May 2017, 35 blankets were handed to a group of underprivileged and elderly residents from Ward 8 in Parkdene, George.  This was done after a request was received from the Ward Councillor, Cllr David Willemse from the George Municipality.  Later that day, the delegation continued their visits to an informal settlement in Great Brak River, where families lost their belongings and two (2) loved ones during a recent fire. 

Eden DM Deputy Mayor, handed blankets to the Centre Manager Ms Joshua at Benevolent Park Old Age Home

In Kwanonqaba, Mossel Bay, the Eden DM delegation met with residents whose informal structures were burnt down.  During this engagement, thirty-six (36) blankets were given to the victims of the fire. Thereafter, the Speaker visited a house that was damaged by the fire and handed 20 liters of paint and tools to repaint the building. The last stop of the day was at the Benevolent Park Old Age Home, where 10 blankets were given to elderly.

FLTR: Ms Lorrainne Arrison – Committee Member of Ward 13 in Mossel Bay, Cllr Mark Willemse – Eden DM Speaker, Cllr Rosina Ruiters – Eden DM Deputy Mayor and Cllr Erica Meyer – Portfolio Chairperson: Strategic Services

Throughout the day, the recipients of the blankets showed great appreciation for the “small but yet significant gift,” received from Eden DM.  The driving force behind the project remains the same, to make a difference where it’s really needed.

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