Latest update on Fires in the district


1.    Friemersheim Fire

The fire is under control, but some flare-ups do occur, mostly due to the current berg wind conditions. In order to monitor the fire line the Riversdale team and one of the George Station Seniors were deployed to monitor the situation.

2.    Herold Fire

Half of the personnel on shift at the George station were deployed to the fire, most of the fire line has been brought under control but the fire has to be monitored due to flare-ups driven by the current berg wind conditions.A team from WOF have been requested to assist with mopping –up operations at this fire.

3.    De Hoop/ Kouga Fire

At this point in time this fire ranges over an area of kilometers threatening houses, orchards and farms in the De Hoop as well as Kouga area. The fire was reported last night , apparently a farmer Mr. Janus Looch made a controlled burn that jumped out of control. In order to assist the Eden staff deployed to this fire two WOF teams were requested to be housed at a base camp in De Hoop. The Huey from Gouna has been deployed to assist at a fire at MTO plantations in the Eastern Cape, for now there is no air support available.

Please note that the fires in both De Hoop and Harold pose a major threat due to the predicted gale force winds with gusts of up to 100km/h that would reach us early tomorrow morning.

*Issued by Eden DM*

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