Using Octane Boost Instead of Premium Fuel

Octane booster is a product used to raise the octane rating of the fuel. The main aim to use a booster is to increase power and efficiency of the vehicle. They consist of anti-knock additives, and when it is added to premium fuel, it prevents detonation. By preventing the knock, octane present in the fuel will be raised automatically.

Many boosters available in the market come with attractive packaging and claim to be effective. If you want high-quality octane fuel, you should be ready to pay for it. Octane boosters will work out only for high compression engines like a sports car. Race cars and performance cars are designed to run on high-octane fuels because these types of fuels can generate power. The higher octane rating, the greater would be the resistance to pre-ignition.

Best Octane Boosters that You Should Consider

Following are the best octane boosters that are available in the market these days:

  1. Klotz Octane Booster (Gal)
  2. Torco Accelerator fuel additive
  3. Lucas oil fuel Octane booster
  4. Royal purple max boost octane booster
  5. 104+ fuel octane booster

Customers should be aware of certain things before purchasing one. If any product states like “they can add up to 7 octane points,” then it could be misleading. It means the advertiser is using a point system to grade the product. 10 points would be equal to 1 octane level. So it means 91 octane fuel can be boosted to 91.7 and not to 98. Before you make a purchase of a particular product, you may go to the website: MyGarageStory to know more about which type of booster can be effective for your car.

Octane Boosters V/s. Premium Fuel

If your sports car doesn’t require premium gas, you will not be benefited to your vehicle’s performance. Simply you would be paying money for something you don’t need. You should use fuel what your owner’s manual recommends because using higher octane gasoline is not going to improve the performance, speed, and mileage of your car.

If your racing car needs premium gas, use premium to optimize your car’s power. The car will not achieve the horsepower that needs premium unless you use premium. Some of the car owners don’t even notice the change in power after switching from premium to regular.

Fuel stabilizers can be helpful if you don’t use vehicle very often. It will help the gas getting old and stale and by performing sluggishly. The fuel system cleaners can help you out on the situation to clean harmful build-up, and this could keep your engine running.

Vehicles with the high-performance engine or heavier cars will require premium fuel, and this is used to prevent knocking. Such cars will have high compression ratios and can knock without premium gas.

The octane rating of premium and regular fuel varies from state to state. There are three octane grades available regular (87 Octanes), mid-grade (89 Octanes) and premium (91 or 93 Octanes). Check the yellow stickers at gasoline pump that shows the octane rating.

Fuel efficiency is something that comes with your vehicle. Don’t use additives to fix problems which need to be rectified by a mechanic.

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