10 years of the iPhone – and the older models are still as popular as ever

The 29th of June marks the 10th anniversary of the release of the iPhone – and even the earlier models remain as popular as ever.

“The iPhone 5, which was released in 2012, is one of the most commonly searched for and purchased items on Gumtree,” says Gumtree South Africa’s Head of Core, Claire Cobbledick. “It’s not surprising that it was one of the most popular phones ever released by Apple.”

The iPhone 5 received two million pre-orders within 24 hours when it was made available in September 2012. Demand exceeded supply and outsold twenty times faster than its predecessor. eBay.co.uk, the British branch of Gumtree’s parent company, sees 22 searches for the iPhone 5C every minute.

The average iPhone 5 sells for R3300 on the site and there are more than 4000 available at any given time. Used iPhone 6s are currently selling at an average of R8200.

“This is an iconic brand and iconic piece of technology, and demand will remain high for some years,” Cobbledick predicts.

Gumtree.co.za features an iPhone and phone price checker that customers can use to determine the value of their old iPhone.

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