The Oil Thunderstorm Approved the American Market

Was in fact both predictable and unpredictable in addition Yesterday. Predictable regarding advancement in volatility after 18:00 Moscow time, that’s, at that time when the ultimate press conference was credited after the appointment of the OPEC

And unpredictable, because most yet hoped that the reaction to both the end result of the getting together with and the signed agreements on minimizing oil production would be more positive.

But… what we have, we have. Oil collapsed by 5% and carried away almost all markets, except the US. American indices reacted to the incident extremely calmly and did not even jerk. Of course, the quick drop in prices for “black gold” has influenced the commodity sector generally and the oil businesses specifically. They fell beneath the “distribution” and shed typically from 3% to 7% of their capitalization. And the firms of the recyclables sector lost typically 1.3%. Under the pressure of bears were shares of large banks even, which typically fell by 0.5%. But we were holding, perhaps, of yesterday the only losses.

In every other respects, the marketplace looked fine just. Well, firstly, let’s focus on the fact that the indices S plus P500 and NASDAQ confidently rewrote their historic highs and remained at these levels until the extremely finish line of the auction.

Among the vital companies, the world’s leading payment systems MasterCard (MA, +1.01%) and Visa (V, +0.24%), along with Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT, +1.24%), MicronTechnology (MU, +1.52%), and, of training course, Netflix (NFLX, +3.36%). The latter is now “reaping the fruits” of their job — the last winter of “Card Household” is going to surface on the screens of most smartphones, tablets and notebook computers in the global environment. The environment premiere of the discharge of all the series of the next season is scheduled for May 30.

First shock from the fall in oil prices has passed and today we are returning to normal life. However, if we talk about the American stock market, then the storm passed him by. And today in the sky there are only some small thunderstorm clouds.

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