How to make your home comfy, yet stylish this winter

Winter is one of those classic conundrums; we have to adapt and go along with it, whether we want to or not. Once the colder months arrive we are quick to revert to upping our wardrobe, but often ignore an all too important facet of our daily existence: our homes!

To get some ideas for turning a dwelling into a winter haven, Ansomari Schoeman, founder of CY Market, has a few tips to offer.

Get in touch with the hearth.

“If you don’t already have a fireplace, make it a priority to invest in one if your home is suited for it. Otherwise, you could even consider a smaller top heater, which still has aesthetic appeal,” says Ansomari.

“Next, start rearranging your furniture to face towards the fireplace to create a focal point for the room. I like the idea of scatter cushions here – they make spaces feel hip and homely at the same time. You can really get creative. Go look for scatter cushions at local markets so that you can get your hands on unique, non-commercial designs.

“Also get one or two wood holders for the fireplace. They are practical – since your whole floor won’t be a mess of splinters, and you won’t have to carry in armfuls of wood for feeding the fire around the clock – and have a feeling handmade authenticity to them to boot.”

Cheer up, sunshine

“We have a tendency to go with darker colours to blend in with the greyish winter facade, but often end up making our spaces seem a bit dreary in doing so,” says Schoeman. “The answer here is not to go overboard, but instead to ring in a little ray of brightness. Consider a colourful throw for the couch, or a bright piece of art to grace the wall.”

Lighten up

“You have to make use of whatever natural light is available to maximise the flow of your space. I like the idea of hanging a mirror on a wall that faces a window, to reflect the outside light into the space. Mirrors also have a tendency to make rooms look bigger, and are a great investment in the long run,” Ansomari says.

Put it to bed  

Winter is the best time of year to enjoy your bedroom, be it for sleeping in our binge-watching series.

Think big, fluffy pillows, a stylish velvet throw, wool blankets – whatever you want to adorn your winter nest with!” Schoeman says.

Think Aladdin

Yep – seems obvious, but a rug warms up your space and looks classy too.

“You don’t have to get the most expensive carpet around, but I can strongly recommend spending some money on a kilim (handmade rug, usually Persian). They never go out of style nor lose their value. Provided that you take proper care of yours, it can be traded in at a later stage for another one should you feel like a change,” says Ansomari.

Books essential

“Now is the time for creating the impression that you are a reader. Provided that you own a few books, bringing a bookshelf into your winter space really creates that authentic, cozy feel that you desire.” Schoeman says.

To find out more about CY Market and get your hands on pretty goodies for your home, visit the link below:

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