Why wintertime is actually perfect for hosting functions

Planning your wedding? Have an office party in mind? Chances are you’re planning to host it over the summer months. But have you considered winter? Read on to find out why the cold months are actually the perfect time to execute your function with panache.

It’s colder

Sounds obvious, right? But let’s consider the perks here for a moment.

“Functions are normally formal affairs. In order to establish a sophisticated decorum and to get great photographs, it’s essential that everyone dress the part,” says Idi Teubes, co-owner of the Idma@Kapel functions venue.

“The thing is colder weather makes people dress warmer, and subsequently more stylishly too,” continues Marinda Teubes, Idi’s partner and co-owner of Idma@Kapel.

Your photographer will thank you

It’s no secret that the light necessary for great photographs is perfect on cloudy days. Make great memories by looking the part for each snap.

Plus, you won’t be sweaty.

Food, glorious food! 

No need for tapas and light meals; the colder months means that you can serve warm cuisine; think curries and stews.

“Most function venues are equipped with fully functional kitchens and cutlery, so you won’t need to worry about incorporating the services of a caterer,” Idi says.

You’ll get a booking 

“Since most people opt for summer events, the venue of your choice will most likely be available and the rates might even be a bit lower,” says Marinda. “That means you can invest more of your budget into extras, like a photographer, performer and decorations.”

Speaking of performer… 

Most artists and entertainers are not fully booked during this time of year, which means you’ll have your pick.

The scenery will be prettier 

The rain means that outside areas like lawns will be well irrigated and looking their best. “Idma@Kapel looks especially glorious around that time of year!” Idi and Marinda both chime.

Avoid the heat and the rush and secure your venue while it’s chilly; your budget and your guests will thank you!

Book your wedding date today at Idma@Kapel. You won’t be disappointed. For more information visit the Idma@Kapel website at http://idma.co.za/ or contact them on Facebook or Twitter (@idmaKapel)

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