Get spring back into your step

The rainy season has come to a close and summer is around the corner. Yep, spring is here.

“I like to think of spring as a nifty halfway station that combines the best of summer and winter,” says Anso-Mari Schoeman, co-founder of Cape Town-based CY Market.

“It’s still possible to dress up cosily, but you can start going out and enjoying outdoors activities because it’s not cold and miserable either.”

So, how do you best enjoy a season that sits snugly between the doom and gloom of winter and the searing heat of summer? Anso-Mari has a few suggestions for shaking off the cobwebs and leaving winter hibernation behind.

A stroll on the promenade, chaps

Get that easy summer feeling back by paying a visit to the Sea Point and Green Point promenades respectively; the buzzing atmosphere is electric.

“Watching the waves roll in while you take a relaxing walk with family and friends is a great way to renew and revive the soul,” says Anso-Mari. Just be prepared for icy temperatures if you’re brave enough for a swim.

Speaking of the sea…

Tourist season is not yet upon us, so why not make the most of this time and learn how to surf?

“Unlike the Atlantic Seaboard, the water at Muizenberg isn’t too cold, and there are plenty of affordable surf schools around. Be a little adventurous! There’s nothing like getting out of your comfort zone to get you to feel outgoing again,” Schoeman says.

But what if I’m scared of sharks?

How about a hike then? Because the summer sun isn’t here in full blast yet, and the rain isn’t pouring anymore, the climate is great for an outdoors stroll up Table Mountain. When was the last time you enjoyed the view from the top?  

Live a little

Cape Town’s city center and accompanying suburbs have new restaurants and lounges popping up all the time – go out and explore!

Just be sure to read a few reviews online first, though…


“Nothing brings as big a breath of fresh air into your life like changing up your wardrobe and home interior does,” Anso-Mari says.

“There are so many markets popping up, especially this time of year. Go look for items like scatter cushions, pottery, sheets, cutlery and art to spice up your home.

“As for your wardrobe, go with what feels good on you and makes you radiate confidence. What’s great about these markets is that they showcase ranges from independent designers; there’s a good chance for you to get your hands on a garment that no one else will own!”

CY Market will take place on Stone Shed Farm in Durbanville from Monday, 25 September to Sunday, 1 October.

For more information, follow CY Market on Facebook (@CYMarket), Twitter (@CY_Market) and Instagram (

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