Eden and Sweden to strengthen relations

The Swedish Trade and Investment Council has invited Eden District Municipality and local municipalities, including George, Mossel Bay and Knysna, to the two-day Middle East and Africa (MEA) Summit to meet with more than 100 Swedish companies.


Local municipalities, however, asked Eden to attend the MEA Summit on their behalf and to present the entire district as a suitable destination for trade and investment. The visit will also form part of an upcoming Memorandum of Agreement between ‘Business Sweden’ and Eden District Municipality.

On the table for discussion will be strategic issues and possible partnerships, and it is envisaged that Sweden stands the chance to play an effectual role in the envisioned deliverables with reference to renewable energy, waste management, tourism, ICT and transportation in the district. It is a wise decision to partner with Sweden because of their climate change policies and because they have already committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2045.

Executive Mayor, Cllr Memory Booysen said that: “I have a keen interest in discussing how we can work with Sweden to find more alternative solutions to solid waste management because it is a pressing matter for the entire district. Maybe Sweden could subsidise some of the projects; assist with state-of-the-art technology to reposition Eden DM to become a central hub for new energies (alternative fuels); share best practices in waste management; assist with job creation and skills development”.


“Another benefit would be solar plants and wind turbines, which can be set up on one of the Eden DM properties. Eden will, therefore, be able to sell surplus energy and generate additional income,” Cllr Booysen said.

Municipal Manager of Eden DM, Mr Monde Stratu explained that the newly adopted vision, which reads: “Eden, the leading, enabling and inclusive district, characterised by equitable and sustainable development, high quality of life and equal opportunities for all,” could be achieved through a partnership approach. We need to find alternative approaches to equitable and sustainable development, which will ensure that we lead by example and ensure that spin-offs result in a high quality of life and equal opportunities for all.”

Delegates from Eden DM who will leave on 24 September and return on 29 September to attend the MEA Summit, include Cllr Memory Booysen (Executive Mayor), Mr Monde Stratu (Municipal Manager), and Ms Nadiema Davids (Manager: Legal Services). One representative from the Southern Cape Economic Partnership, Mr Paul Hoffman, will also attend.


Sweden leads the world in many fields and is well known for:

  • According the OECD, Sweden offers the best healthcare in the world;
  • Their production of the fastest car in the world, 439 km/hr;
  • Leading the way in renewable energy;
  • Leads the way in burying its depleted nuclear waste;
  • Leads the way in shared parenting;
  • Leads the way in dumping socialism;
  • Leads the way in public records transparency;
  • Committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2045;
  • Sweden is the best place to grow old with 25 percent of the population over the age of 60; and
  • According to the Spartacus index, Sweden is the only country with full points  for anti-discrimination legislation.
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