Sharoney releases second hit single

Sharoney needs no introduction.  She is the ‘happy-go-lucky’, Afrikaans pop sensation who continues to show why she has a place in the music industry and in the hearts of music lovers all over the country.

Her most recent album release, Skyn – which was also her first single – featured across music charts on radio stations throughout the country, as well as the music video still charting on the kykNET Top 20.

Following this success, she releases her second single, Toe Gaan Jy Weg, and describes this as her ‘get up and fight back’ song.

Many times we meet a person who at first glance seems to be a perfect fit within our lives.  But as time passes, you realise your worlds are very different and that it becomes difficult to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.  And then it happens…Toe Gaan Jy Weg (And So You Go Away),” says Sharoney.

For a moment, it feels as if your heart has broken into a thousand pieces, but then you realise that you are actually better off without this person.  You are stronger, you are more hopeful for your future and you get a new positive outlook on life.  You realise that you can be completely happy on your own.  You don’t need a crutch to hold you up but rather a pillar to support you.  If a person cannot add value to your life, your career or your surroundings, then it’s not meant to be.  Everyone deserves someone who they can build a future with and who will stand with you through all your successes and failures,” she adds.

Sharoney’s debut album, In Ons Fairytale, received two Ghoema-nominations in 2015 for Newcomer of the Year and Best Pop Album by a Femal Artist, as well as a Huisgenoot Tempo nomination for Newcomer of the Year.  And it looks like the new album, Skyn, is going to follow suit.


  • Skyn
  • Crush
  • Jy Lyk Soos Moeilikheid
  • Dobbelstene
  • Stilte
  • Wie’s Bang Vir Seerkry?
  • Toe Gaan Jy Weg
  • Totaal En Al
  • Veilig
  • Onthou Jy? 
  • Is Jy Bereid? 



Twitter: @Sharoneymedia

Instagram: @sharoney01


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