Make A Statement This Summer With The Latest Newcomer To Four Cousins Fiver

Four Cousins Fiver, the ready-to-drink range of fun-in-a-bottle, is more eye catching than ever with a brighter, stand-out look and exciting new flavour. Fiver now comes in three flavours with Dry, a bracing tang of lemon, added to the popular Cool (apple and lime) and Blush (strawberry and litchi).

1. Four Cousins Fiver Blush.  2. Four Cousins Fiver Cool.  3. Four Cousins Fiver Dry

Fiver is a refreshing, wine-based beverage infused with flavour from 100% natural fruit. Proud member of the Four Cousins family, this “fifth cousin” with the fitting name is as authentic, quality craft as it comes.

Now there’s a Fiver for everyone, whether you have a sweet tooth or prefer a drier style.

The packaging make-over has broad appeal too. Dressed in eye-catching mellow yellow, gorgeous green and perfect pink, the trio will look sharp wherever you go. The handy bottles are easy to keep in your fridge and ideal for party get-togethers of friends or colleagues; refreshment when you’re out and about; or, a tasty reward at the end of a long day.

Did you know that Four Cousins is not just a marketing invention? The Retief cousins – Hennie, Neil, Bussell and Phillip – joined forces in the mid 1990’s. One after the other, after completing their studies, they joined the family farm, Van Loveren, and today they’re the driving force behind the company.

Their first big endeavour was introducing the Four Cousins range of wines in 2000. Fiver was launched in 2014. Today, apart from being known as South Africa’s favourite “vino-in-a-bottle”, Four Cousins has a brand home that is a landmark at the gateway to the town of Robertson.

Four Cousins Fiver is available at leading retailers countrywide for around R79.99/six-pack or online by the case through 

You can also share your Four Cousins memories online – be sure to tag Four Cousins on Facebook ( and Twitter (@4CousinsWine). We’re also on Instagram. For more information, visit – where you can also sign up to get all the latest Four Cousins news; send email to or call 021 615 1505.

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