A hat trick for Datsun Go in Kinsey Report

The annual Kinsey Report has – for the third time in a row – named Datsun Go as South Africa’s most affordable car.

Brian Joss – The Kinsey Report, which is regarded as the most comprehensive survey on everyday motoring, covers vehicles available locally. The report surveyed parts pricing of 69 vehicles across nine segments and the prices were sourced during July 2017.

The Kinsey Report focuses on the price of car parts which ultimately affects your insurance premium and repair costs on a vehicle. The report highlights the true cost of vehicle ownership and has become the benchmark independent parts pricing survey in the South African motoring industry. Under the category of City Cars – entry level cars for first time buyers, the Datsun Go has been named the best overall in the service, repair and crash parts sections respectively.

The Datsun Go: most affordable car. Picture: Motorpress

“With 2017 results of the Kinsey report, it is further evidence of the vehicle’s attractive pricing structure in SA, which ensures that South Africans can still maintain their vehicles at affordable prices, even in these tough economic conditions.” says Des Fenner, General Manager of Datsun South Africa of the achievement.

By scooping the title for the third consecutive year, it is testament that Datsun is fulfilling its promise to bring quality, affordable motoring to South Africans.

“The Datsun Go has brought independence from public transport schedules to many and provided them with the personal mobility that has enabled these buyers to find and access new opportunities within the economy,” says Fenner.

The affordability of parts, in conjunction with class leading fuel consumption, makes the total cost of ownership (TCO) one of the best in South Africa. Not only is the purchase price of the car affordable (now at R

1 999 per month – 0% dep/72 months, includes 1-year insurance and a new smartphone), but the TCO over the life of the car is the most affordable He further maintains that “the Go has not only helped motorists to contain motoring costs at a time when there are massive budget pressures on most households, but has also enabled many South Africans to enter the new car market for the first time.” 

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