Len Muller releases brand new single

Len Muller’s fans have this past week made their voices heard and chosen Ons Is Een, from his second studio album, Oog Van Die Storm, as their favourite track.  Len has taken note and has chosen this as his follow-up single.

Len spent ten months in America and during that time longed for South Africa.  It was there that he decided that he truly loved this country and that is how the song came about.

I know that we were not made to fit or think the same.  And that is what makes us unique and beautiful.  There is so much diversity and different cultures in South Africa but it does not have to divide us.  I am convinced that we can live in unity within our diversity.  Ons Is Een is my prayer for the country and my hope is that people with different backgrounds and cultures will try to understand each other and live in peace, because Ons Is Een [We Are One],” says Len.

Over the past few years, Len Muller has shared the stage with the likes of Matthew Mole, Francois van Coke, Straatligkinders, Jan Blohm, Bok van Blerk, Dans Dans Lisa, Chris Chameleon, Jak de Priester, Andriette Normal, Dan Patlansky and Kaleidoskoop but has also established himself as a songwriter. 

Len Muller is building a strong legacy for himself and Oog Van Die Strom [Eye Of The Storm] is testimony to this.  All eyes and ears are on Len Muller as he systematically continues to make a mark as one of South Africa’s most promising and popular Afrikaans young stars.

Oog Van Die Storm is available for download on iTunes:  https://itunes.apple.com/za/album/oog-van-die-storm/id1245868081.


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Website: www.lenmuller.co.za

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