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Stanley Plog, renowned travel research specialist and consultant, classified an Allocentric tourist as one who seeks new experiences and excitement in a wide range of activities. This is what Namaqua Tours is all about. The team offers an assortment of unforgettable experiences, jam-packed with activities and attractions.

Namaqua Tours leads the way in flower tours in Namaqualand, but proves an excellent guide for areas beyond the South African border too. “Join us and experience Namibia in all its glory with a 13-day tour that includes the highlights of the beautiful country while staying in luxurious accommodation,” says owner Mike Spies.

Namibia’s most beautiful natural phenomenon: the Fish River Canyon. Meandering for 161 kilometres – 27 kilometres at its widest and almost 550m at its deepest – its size is second only to the Grand Canyon. Entering the quirky coastal town of Luderitz, you are immediately immersed in its rich history. A few minutes inland you reach the haunting Kolmanskop – an abandoned town left in ruins after richer diamond reserves were found to the south.

See the oldest dunes in the world at Sossusvlei in the Namib-Naukluft National Park and admire the unique Welwitschia plants located in the Goanikontes Oasis. “Another major highlight is a visit to the Etosha National Park – known as the gateway to Northern Namibia, its large salt pan and wide array of wildlife make it a must-see attraction,” says Spies. “The park is unique because of its floodlit waterholes at all the main camps – making it possible to view wildlife at any time.”

Rest assured that you will enjoy the diverse selection of accommodation, each with unique attractions and friendly staff. “It’s our mission to ensure that our tourists experience the very best of what Namibia has to offer, on all levels!” Mike says. “The Desert Palace in Upington will bring out your inner Mr/Mrs Bond – when you experience everything from a lavish casino, fine dining and intimate hotel accommodation. There are loads of fun attractions too – Joe’s Beerhouse will blow you away with the best eats and the widest selection of brews around.”

And with hidden gems harder to find than ever, Namaqua Tours breathes new life into a crowded tourism sector, providing an authentic experience that caters to your every need. “You don’t have to lift a finger, and with the breathtaking views that await, why would you?” Spies says.

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