Your Future Starts with Savings

Experts say that if you are not saving you are surely jeopardising your financial future.

So why would you even think of getting yourself into an unnerving position (such as being over-indebted)? Zeeva encourages you and other fellow South Africans to play your part, not only on World Savings Day, the 31st of October 2017, but also in future years to come. It is time to get your savings going and to share this year’s core message of World Savings Day: Your future starts with SAVINGS.

A bit of background information: the awareness day was established in Italy on the 31st of October 1924 during the first International Savings Bank Congress. Today World Savings Day (formerly known as World Thrift Day) mainly highlights the value of saving money to gain a higher standard of living and to contribute towards securing your country’s economy.

It is indeed evident that South Africa has fallen on hard times. And, it is therefore difficult to save when you tend to juggle everyday expenses. How frustrating, is it not? But, Zeeva wants to remind you that you don’t necessarily have to deposit a hefty amount of money into your savings account. A R100 a month is still a very good start. Many experts suggest that you should save up to 20% of your gross income (before deductions). But, because times are tough, adjust the percentage to fit your circumstances. You can always adjust this percentage whenever your income and expenses allow it. The most important thing is to just start saving.

Here are a few savings tips to jumpstart your financial future:

  • If you don’t have a savings account – get one.
  • Talk to your bank and get clued up about the savings options specifically available for you.
  • Get into the habit of putting a certain amount away by setting up a debit order from your account to your savings account. Remember: the amount can be adjusted accordingly.
  • Know what you are saving for.  Put an amount, date and outcome to your savings drive.  Measure your performance on a monthly or weekly basis and reward yourself with a little something for good behaviour. But, don’t overindulge.
  • Start creating a savings culture from within your own home by getting family and friends involved. Make the savings concept tangible for your younger children (if applicable) by using a piggy bank or savings jar. 

Your financially-free future awaits… Get excited about World Savings Day and start creating ways to save wherever you can.

If, however, you find saving impossible because your debt deductions are interfering with your financially-free future, why not contact Zeeva’s team to assist? Zeeva’s successful debt review program has been created and designed specifically for women by women.

About Zeeva:

The Zeeva Debt Management Program is the first company in South Africa to combine the power of the NCR’s debt review process with benefits exclusively created for women. Zeeva aims to empower South African women so that they can take back control over their debt – providing them with support and breathing space to get their glow back. Contact one of their skilled debt advisors:  0861 444 483; email: or SMS “Your Name & ZEEVA” to 30967 (free SMS).

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