Klawer Wine Cellar launch their convenient Vino Sacci – wine in a bag

Packing wine for a holiday or road trip, or just taking a bottle of wine to a braai or a picnic? It can be messy, especially if you don’t have enough space or if you are known to be clumsy even before opening the wine. Klawer Wine Cellar have come up with the perfect solution, and just in time for summer!

During the last weekend of October, Klawer Wine Cellar launched their brand new wine-in-a-bag called Vino Sacci, which is Latin for “wynsakkie”. On Saturday, 14 October, Klawer Wine Cellar debuted the new product at a Steve Hofmeyr concert at Bushman’s Cave in Clanwilliam where the attendees and wine lovers could also enjoy the Vino Sacci. Klawer Wine Cellar also launched a competition in which fans could suggest and also vote for a name for these handy wine-in-a-bags.

Going forward, this exciting new product is something wine lovers can get behind. Each bag contains 375 ml of wine and is enough to fill two decent glasses. The Vino Sacci contains Klawer Wines’ 2017 Merlot and the Chenin Blanc.

“This concept is PERFECT for people that stop at our cellar. A lot are on their way to walking trails, campsites or are on the road on their way to discover South Africa or even just our region, and for these reasons, the wine in these bags is ideal,” says Franci Nortje of Klawer Wine Cellar.

Andries Blake, CEO of Klawer Wine Cellar, is of the opinion that the Vino Sacci is a more convenient solution than a wine bottle, especially because the bags don’t take a lot of space, which is fitting for people that are travelling.

“Klawer Wine Cellar thought of this concept first and this makes the project special. We want to make the experience as convenient as possible for our clients,” says Blake.

According to Nortje, there are quite a lot of advantages to the Vino Sacci: “It is easier to handle and is small enough to fit in any open space in your backpack or luggage”

Klawer Wine Cellar is conveniently situated right next to the N7 just before Klawer and is the perfect first stop when entering the Matzikama region. It is the gateway to the Olifants River Valley and offers a warm and friendly welcome to visitors. Guests can enjoy complimentary wine tasting at the cellar and stretch their legs on the beautiful green lawns, with a variety of affordable wines available to suit all tastes and preferences.

“Another advantage of the Vino Sacci is that it only contains about two glasses of wine, so if you only want to drink a little bit with your lunch, road trip snacks or with dinner, these will come in very handy, seeing as you won’t be wasting wine!” says Nortje.

According to Blake, they thought about the Vino Sacci while they were looking for a more convenient option for the campers that visit the area.

“The packaging is also perfect for people that prefer to consume or purchase smaller amounts of wine,” Blake explains

According to Blake, the Vino Sacci also cools easily and it has a spout that pours wine without making mess. The Vino Sacci also sports a twist cap that seals the wine so that you can store it to consume at a later stage. This also ensures that the wine doesn’t leak or spill.

“The Vino Sacci’s uniqueness makes it very special!” says Blake.

The Vino Sacci is available at Klawer Wine Cellar at R20 each, as well as at selected stores and restaurants.

For more information about Klawer Wine Cellar visit their website www.klawerwine.co.za or visit their social media profiles:

Facebook: @KlawerWine

Twitter: @KlawerWyn

Instagram: @KlawerWyn

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