Experiencing the heart of rooibos with the Rooibos Route

Aspalathus linearis (rooibos) only grows in a radius of 150km around Clanwilliam and nowhere else. It is a unique product that South Africans should be very proud of. Rooibos Route gives you the opportunity to experience what rooibos is all about – from the tea houses, treats and activities the entire family can enjoy.

Rooibos Route is an outflow of Rooibos Tea House. Thanks to the enormous number of tea lovers who craved a “rooibos experience”, Marietjie and Sanet, owners of Rooibos Tea House, came up with the idea of showing off where rooibos is made, served and enjoyed. With the Cederberg as backdrop, a long overdue Rooibos Route was established.

What the Rooibos Route has to offer:

  • Production – with farm and factory visits;
  • History – museum and buildings;
  • Restaurants – with foodpairing and rooibos dishes (cook and bake);
  • Teahouse – taste; drink and buy more than 100 flavours/blends;
  • Treats – buy cosmetic products and delicious rooibos products like bread, spreads, fudge, etc;
  • Activities– hiking, cycling, 4×4, birdwatching, and
  • Accommodation – on a rooibos farm, camping, self-catering or in town at a guesthouse with warm rooibos hospitality.

The Rooibos Route website offers tourists the tools to decide how they want to experience the rooibos industry.

Visiting a rooibos farm and factory is a must whereas 4×4, hiking or cycling are suited for the more adventurous visitor. After experiencing natural beauty of the region, you’ve got to sink your teeth into the mouth-watering array of rooibos dishes and drinks. Also remember to stop for a tea tasting, or acquire cosmetic products and rooibos treats.

After a long day out, you can stay over on a rooibos farm or a guesthouse where you will be treated with incredible hospitality. Want to look and feel fresh? Book a rooibos pamper at a salon.

Planning your trip on the Rooibos Route:

Visit www.rooibos-route.co.za to plan your trip or contact us at admin@rooibos-route.co.za. If you’re interested in planning a trip with friends and family, we will gladly help you!

We are also on Instagram (www.instagram.com/rooibosroute), Twitter (www.twitter.com/rooibosroute) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/rooibosroute).

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