Just Property introduces your property journey

Always striving to deliver innovative and progressive market tools, Just Property has revamped, renamed and relaunched an innovative buyer education portal.

Your Property Journey is an online tool that gives prospective property buyers neatly packaged insights into the buying process that they might otherwise struggle to find.

“We asked for help on this from a group of first and second-time home buyers in their 20s and 30s. Their input was absolutely invaluable and we learnt as much from them as we hope they learnt from us,” Just Property CEO, Paul Stevens. 

“Our motivation for this initiative is to build trust through transparency,” says Just Property National Sales Manager and project-lead, Carla Visagie. “Our intention is to offer a service at no cost and with no obligation to prospective clients, especially first- and second-time buyers. From the moment they start thinking about buying property, we provide them with valuable insights. Trust is essential when you’re making what is probably the largest investment of your life, and we hope to cement the trust we already have by becoming the go-to source of knowledge in our niche.”

There are a number of features that distinguish Your Property Journey from other sources of information related to property purchases, Carla says: “We have really focused on providing information in easy to understand, engaging language. We don’t speak to our property partners in convoluted legalise – we use plain language that everyone can understand. We want our buyers and sellers to have complete confidence when they enter what many expect to be a daunting process – it really doesn’t have to be! And we believe the best way we can help with that is to share our knowledge in an accessible way.”

One example is an enlightening post called “Getting your Bucks in a Row”, which outlines how to prepare financially before buying. This is important advice that should be carefully considered long before the search for that dream property starts.

Flexibility is the another exciting aspect of Your Property Journey. Prospective buyers and sellers can access the info that is most relevant to where they are in their own property journey. “In our experience, every one of our clients has been unique. We had to make sure that Your Property Journey would be helpful to everyone as no two people will use Your Property Journey in the same way,” says Carla.

Another feature that users will love is the interface with strategic partners, My Bond Fitness. Here prospective buyers can securely do a personal credit check, affordability check and even pre-qualify in real time and at no cost. The new application developed by My Bond Fitness, for pre-qualification was voted “App of the Week” in the Business edition of Media 24 on 13 May 2017.

Your Property Journey has been integrated with the new national Just Property website, so it is easily accessible across all internet-enabled devices, especially mobile. The information is cleverly presented in bite-sized pieces, with drop downs and fast-loading additional pages that make the user experience unique and interactive.

“We hope that by sharing the information and knowledge we’ve gained over years in the industry, that South Africans who are keen to enter the property market will find immediate answers to their questions and clearly outlined next steps. By offering this free service, we hope to demonstrate that Just Property is a trusted partner for prospective buyers in this niche,” says Stevens. “We plan to add to the knowledge base regularly and would welcome any requests for further information. Tell us what you’re struggling with and what you want to know, and we’ll provide the information and tools you need.”

For more information on Just Property please visit www.just.property/your-property-journey, call (087) 551 7808 or email for Your Property Journey ownahome@just.property

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