FIRE UPDATE 2017/11/12 18:15

Fire-line above Angies Gspot, Van Zyl property, Trout farm and Prins Alfred completely extinguished.

Fire line east of Trout farm, approximately 1km away, active but burning very slowly downhill. Ground teams, including Wof and Eden, managed to prevent fire from burning closer to the Trout farm on difficult terrain.

The fire-line closest to Trout farm towards the far east is about 5 – 6 km long and approximately 2km from Barry Rey farm boundary. In worst case scenario the line could advance to Vlytjies berg and to the nearest structure south of Vlytjies berg, that of Neville Ledger.

The fire is burning with a back burn – favorable wind conditions at the moment.The temperature has dropped considerably with overcast conditions setting in.

Firefighting efforts are currently almost impossible due to the steep slopes.

Eden night shift and Cape Nature FTEs will monitor and act where ever accessible during the evening.

Priority for tomorrow (2017/11/13) is for ground crews to get to the fire line as early as possible to extinguish the fire.

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