National Children’s Day

On Wednesday, 1 November 2017, officials from Eden District Municipality’s (Eden DM) Municipal Health Services, George Municipality’s Civil & Engineering Waste Management Section and Cape Nature celebrated National Children’s Day, with learners of the Waboomskraal Primary School.

Mr David Papier, Environmental Health Practitioner (EHP) started the session with a presentation on water safety and health.  He explained the importance of water, not only for present survival, but also for future generations.  “Without water, we cannot exiting,” he said.   He concluded by explaining in lamens terms the functions of water in the body.

Second on the programme was Mr Deon Makwena from Cape Nature, who informed learners about the importance of looking after and caring for the environment.  Mr Makwena used dramatic gestures to explain the ripple effect littering have on rivers and the environment as a whole. Followed by Ms Carika Soman, EHP of Eden DM who made a presentation on Personal Health & Hygiene Awareness.  Ms Soman engaged with learners by using practical examples and frequently asking question throughout the presentation. 

Ms Janine van Wyk, also from Eden DM did a demonstration on proper techniques when washing hands.  She used two volunteers from the audience.  The last speaker of the day was Mr Geoffrey Bredenkamp of George Municipality who explained the process of water purification.  

The core message for learners was to care for your environment, yourself, to save and appreciate our water resources. 

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