Journey Organiser will help you get your tax travel claims on the right track

Are you tired of the hassle of keeping a logbook for business-related travel?

Brian Joss – Do inaccurate logs mean that your company or clients are not reimbursing you for the full amount you’re owed, or that you can’t claim the proper tax deduction for all your business travel? Then the Journey Organiser GPS logbook from Tiger Wheel & Tyre is what you need.

Journey Organiser (JO) makes light work of tracking business-related travel.

Journey Organiser (JO): nifty device for business-related travel. Picture: Quickpic

Simply download the JO app onto your Android or iOS smartphone, plug the JO into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket and pair it with your phone via Bluetooth to begin automatically logging your travel and time data so you can generate reports for your tax and business-related travel claims.

Of course not all travel is business related, so to distinguish between business and leisure trips, just push the JO button on the top of the device to flag your current trip as one for business. If you forget to do this, it’s easy to recategorise the trip from your smartphone app.

More good news is that JO doesn’t take your car’s cigarette lighter socket out of play for use by other devices. Instead, it doubles as a high-current USB port, so you can plug other USB devices into it and charge them while using the JO. It also has its own built-in GPS engine and low-energy Bluetooth communications, which means you don’t need to enable location services for the app and battery-drain of your mobile device is minimised.

Probably the greatest feature of JO is the ability to generate your business travel reports instantly from your smartphone, without having to download them to a PC, and submit them to your employer or client right away for faster reimbursement of business-related travel. Also, because your travel data is stored in cloud servers, there’s no danger of losing the data. So come tax return time, all the info is right where you need it.

Visit: for more information or see it at your nearest Tiger Wheel & Tyre store.

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