Make awesome memories in the Northern Cape this December

You have set your heart on the Northern Cape as the place you want to spend your December holiday to make some awesome and new wild memories.

The Northern Cape is not only the biggest province in South Africa, it offers the best raw and uncut natural scenery you’ll ever see. Whether it is Namaqualand you are visiting to see the horizon blow up with colourful blooming flowers as the sun strikes the green glistening grass, or Kimberley for its gorgeous large telescope that displays all the sparkling stars, or the gigantic hole that is the deepest hand-digged hole on earth, this land of diverse cultures never disappoints.

Your venture inland towards the border of Namibia will be a great one. The various outstanding and famous national parks will remind you of the previous kings and queens of the African continent: the Big Five. The Gondwana Game Reserve provides a unique safari experience and is a perfect malaria-free holiday showcasing The Big Five.

In the Northern Cape the number of places to visit and see is impossible to experience in one holiday. That’s why people keep on coming back for more: to soak up the majesty of its untapped wilderness.

You won’t be able to enjoy the full experience of the Northern Cape without having accommodation known for its natural beauty. Letsatsi Lodge in Vanrhynsdorp is a 4-star lodge and it has a perfect scenic view of the Mazkam mountains. It is surrounded by precious nature with wildlife living and enjoying themselves right next to you.

N.C. Famous Lodges has various lodges located all over the Northern Cape that keep the tradition of Africa in mind. They offer various activities in nature and luxurious chalets.

Make sure you get the best out of your trip and make it a memorable one. N.C Famous Lodges acknowledge the extreme beauty and attraction of the area and their lodges have been built with this mind – with the emphasis on the untainted natural abundance of the Northern Cape.

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