2018, Stellar Winery and an evolving wine market

It is a new year and as the tradition has it, it’s time to turn over a new leaf, make some changes or embrace a better lifestyle or world view. Although this mostly happens on a personal level, the wine industry has also made a big move to adopt a greener and more environmentally friendly movement.

Stellar Winery has supported this movement for more than a decade. With the wine industry’s shift to include more eco-friendly and vegan-friendly options on shelves as well as online, Stellar Winery is proud to say that all their wines are made from organic grapes, gluten free and also certified as Fair for Life.

Stellar Winery showcase their wines in South Africa as well as in international markets, and their wine is available in countries such as the USA, UK, The Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Malta, and the continent of Africa. Stellar Winery provides Woolworths South Africa with an exclusive organic wine range that is not only great for you and the environment, but is also well loved by South African wine connoisseurs. 


One definite trend forecast for 2018 is the move to online wine sales. Lulie Halstead, co-founder and CEO of Wine Intelligence, is of the opinion that online sales represent trust and convenience and that there will be a bigger focus on online purchasing. According to Jacques Skinner, Sales and Export Manager at Stellar Winery, more and more patrons are actively searching for quality, fairly priced organic wines online. 

It is very positive to see that the perception regarding organic wines is gaining popularity in the South African wine patron’s mind as the healthier and more socially responsible choice,” Jacques explains.

With wine availability worldwide under pressure for the foreseeable future, Jacques believes it will be interesting to see what different scenarios play out in the international wine markets.

“As mentioned previously, wine competes with many other beverages, so the question remains, what will patrons do if prices were to start climbing because of normal supply and demand economics? Our perception is that wine patrons won’t necessarily change to another beverage, but they will be more likely to look for a wine that fits their budget,” Jacques explains, and adds that this is exactly where Stellar Winery comes into the reckoning, with good quality, value-for-money offerings.

Stellar Winery’s wines will also be available in Denmark and Mexico in 2018. The wines Stellar Winery will supply will offer the market a large variety of choices, suitable for any occasion. A variety of cultivars will be available in nine different brand ranges, including the Stellar Mandala No Added Sulphur wines, Live-a-Little for easy entertaining, and Stellar Organics sparkling wine for special occasions.

“We’re very excited that they are taking such a large variety of our wines, which indicates that the market for vegan and organic wines is growing,” Jacques explains.


Stellar Winery is situated at Kys Halte, just outside of Vredendal, Western Cape, and borders the Namaqualand – the only semi-arid biosphere hotspot in the world. All Stellar Winery’s wines offer wine drinkers a guilt free experience, as well as the opportunity to give back to the employees of the winery through the company’s fair trade programme. Stellar Winery also produces no-added-sulphur (NSA) wines, and is one of the largest global producers in this niche category.

“We’re glad to see that NSA wines are becoming even more popular, especially in the USA, and that is why we could expand our offering there to include our popular Running Duck wines on top of our current offering,” Jacques explains.

Earlier in January, the UK in particular was abuzz with news that certain restaurants and chain stores will significantly expand their vegan friendly offerings, especially in terms of vegan friendly wines, in order to accommodate this lifestyle which is gaining popularity.

Lulie Halstead is also of the opinion that organic and healthy-choice wines are starting to play a bigger role in the wine market. According to Jacques, the growing vegan trend is however not only limited to the UK.

“We have seen it in other markets, as well as here on home soil in South Africa. People are becoming more aware of the organic/vegan friendly combination. However, we’re happy to say that Stellar Winery can supply the growing vegan movement with wines that fit their lifestyle,” says Jacques. 

According to Willem Rossouw, Managing Director of Stellar Winery, 2017 was a challenging year for farmers due to the drought. However, he also says that it is a very exciting time for Stellar Winery. 

“We are expecting a very busy 2018, with many new challenges, but as always at Stellar Winery we are up to the task of leveraging our business assets and our dedicated loyal staff to best serve the interests of our partners worldwide,” says Willem.

For more information about Stellar Winery visit their website or check them out on social media!

Website: http://stellarorganics.co.za

Facebook: @StellarOrganicWinery

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