The I Love my School Campaign

The I Love my School campaign was started to drive an emotive narrative to get parents and other stakeholders to participate in the upcoming national School Governing Body Elections.

In South Africa, a national School Governing Body Election is held every third year. A school governing body is a body of people who are elected to govern the school in an effective way. They are also tasked with the responsibility of ensuring the highest possible quality of education is achieved at the school they govern.

Usually, this body consists of parents and community members who truly care about their children. In our democracy, we use a model of public schools. Often times people use the term “state” schools. This is not correct. State schools belong to the government. Public schools, however, belong to the people of the community in which they are located. The benefit of a public school is that the community members that govern it have the best knowledge of what the area needs.

The Basic Education Law Amendment Bill was recently announced.  This bill aims to limit the above-mentioned functions of SGBs and place those duties under the control of the state. In short, it moves us back to a model of state schools.

The School Elections campaign was introduced with the aim of informing parents of their rights with regards to their child’s education. By doing this, it wants to mobilise parents to participate in the National School Governing Bodies Election taking place in March this year.

The I Love My School campaign uses a much more personal narrative. The focus of this campaign is to highlight the importance of voting to ensure that your child has the best possible learning environment. If you love your child,  you have to go out and vote in March to keep their schools well-managed and to maintain a high quality of education. It drives the idea that you love your child, you love your school and you love your country. By voting you make this love visible.



Parents, family members or organisations can get involved with the campaign following news about the campaign on Facebook at I Love my School (@LoveMySchoolZA) and School Elections (@SchoolElections). They can also visit our websites, and

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