Mirrors – Photography Exhibition at La Galleria in McGregor opens 2 March

Mirrors – Photography and Poetry combined as a means to explore our human experience.

Lara Kirsten (Dani`s Photos)

Photography by Daniele Debellis (Dani`s Photos) and poems selected by Lara Kirsten.

Venue: La Galleria, McGregor  – opening night of exhibition: Friday 2 March 18h00.

Photographer Daniele Debellis (Dani) opened La Galleria, a new art gallery in the heart of McGregor, in 2017. The gallery was built in synergy with the peaceful and rustic ambiance of McGregor village. Reclaimed Oregon pine windows and doors fill the interior space with natural light. Here you can view Dani’s latest photography and fine art prints. His new exhibition “Mirrors” features selected photos from a photoshoot he did with South African poet Lara Kirsten during the Poetry in McGregor Festival 2017. Lara combined poetry and movement with a central theme of mirrors for her festival presentation. Daniele and Lara worked together during the same week to do a related shoot in the Krans just outside McGregor. This resulted in over 300 photos. The “Mirrors”  exhibition features 12 of these photos, carefully selected as images that represent our human experience in how we face ourselves and others.  Lara chose poems to accompany the photos. In asking Dani how he decided on 12 photos out of the many options, he answers: “ Storytelling with photos are important to me. It is not just the composition that matters. With some photos there is a lingering feeling and then when it comes to life in the gallery, it becomes Story. I enjoy finding the synergy between the work and the space. Some photos/artworks need to be by themselves, others can be grouped together. There are different walls and different spaces and I love playing around to create different moods and feelings.”  “Mirrors” Exhibition opens on March 2ndand will also run during the Celebrating the Arts in McGregor Festival Weekend 16 to 18 March.  La Galleria also regularly hosts solo exhibitions of talented South African artists. Keep an eye on the website for upcoming exhibitions: https://www.danisphotos.com/la-galleria

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