Have a trolley that will travel

When you start a company with the primary objective to create jobs, you can just as well enjoy the ride! This is just what Beetroot Inc. – a homegrown funky chic lifestyle company – seems to be doing.

The balancing of Beetroot Inc.’s social responsibility with the design and production of fun and colourful furniture and lifestyle products seem to be paying off. Their product ranges are gradually expanding and Beetroot Inc.’s eighth retail outlet will be opening soon. With the repurposing of client’s furniture in the characteristic Beetroot Inc. style is gaining traction, Beetroot’s Eco range (manufactured from reclaimed wood) is reaffirming the company’s ethical roots.

Of their eco-friendly pieces, the ones most frequently ordered on their website www.beetrootinc.co.za and from their retail stores are Beetroot Inc.’s versatile trolleys. Available in various sizes and colours, and entirely customisable, these wheeled wonders have transformed the way we see shelving.

After all, why should storage be static? The trolleys allow one to move from workspace to workspace without having to keep tracking back for equipment – you simply wheel it with you around the kitchen, the bathroom, study, factory… wherever!

Visit one of the Beetroot stores or go online to discover more about this revolutionary piece of furniture. You will wonder how you ever lived without one (or two, or four)! 

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