SGB elections could determine the future of education in South Africa

An important election regarding the future of our children is currently underway at schools across the country when more than five million people will be voting for the school governing bodies this month.

Are you, as parents, tired of outdated rules and regulations at your child’s school, have something meaningful to say about the code of conduct for pupils that sets out disciplinary procedures or think the religious practices at your child’s school is not what it should be?

Then the School Governing Bodies (SGB) elections are your chance to bring about change. This election takes place every three years and it is of utmost importance that each and every parent, family member and any other stakeholder cast their vote.

“The SGB elections are underway. If you haven’t been to the election at your school, please go and vote – we love our children and we are going to make a huge difference in our schools in the next three years. This is a very important election. We do it because we love our schools, we love our children and we love our country,” says Dr. Jaco Deacon, deputy chief executive officer of the Federation of Governing Bodies of SA Schools.

The importance of the SGB election cannot be stressed enough and the importance of each vote is vital to not only the future of your child’s school, but also education as a whole in South Africa. Your child’s school simply cannot function efficiently or effectively without adequate leadership and vision. As Natasha Munosami, teacher at Allen Glen High School in Roodepoort, recently stated, “Teachers teach and learners learn and in my personal view it’s the only way we can ever move forward in life.”

This would directly impact the standard of education that your child receives and would ultimately make it a lot harder for your him to build themself a future. Let us not allow the future of our youth to be demolished by factors that are completely out of their control, do your part this month and ensure that the sun keeps shining on our youth’s future prospects.

The two campaigns that have been promoting the SGB elections are the I Love My School campaign and the Schools Elections campaign. The I Love My School campaign aims to motivate the people of South Africa by making use of an emotive narrative and as such puts most of its focus on people’s love of their child, their school and their country hence their slogan, I Love My Child, I Love My School, I Love My Country.  In turn the School Elections campaign approaches the same goal from an alternative angle, and is therefore far more factual and informative than its counterpart.

The BELA motion in short, aims to demolish what we know as a SGB and place all the duties conducted by the SGB at a school under state control. You as a parent, family member, organization or any other stakeholder would lose your voice and your democratic right to vote will be directly violated. Your vote is crucial, be sure to cast your vote this month.

Parents, family members or organisations can get involved with the campaign following news about the campaign on Facebook at I Love my School (@LoveMySchoolZA) and School Elections (@SchoolElections). They can also visit our websites, and

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