Book Review: As Good As Eating Out

Your Family

Human & Rousseau

Review: Brian Joss

This collection of budget-friendly recipes are reprinted from Your Family magazine and editor Janine Collins writes in the foreword that you can take home cooking to a new level. There are 96 recipes and the chapters are Starters and Snacks; Mains; Pizza; Pasta; Chicken; Beef, lamb and pork; Fish and seafood and Desserts.

Old favourites include chicken bites, fish and chips, hot dogs and boerewors rolls, pasta, wraps and the standby, ice cream. There are also recipes that are low in carbohydrates and sugar. And if you’re a banter you can try the Banting Burger with full cream yoghurt, grated cheddar and feta, to name some of the ingredients apart from the mince-meat. If you’re a vegetarian you may enjoy the hot dogs with chickpea sausage and onion relish. The recipe for Durban Beef and Bean Bunny Chow will bring back happy memories of holidays spent in Natal.

Some of the desserts are Caramel Cheesecake with Honeycomb chocolate; Sticky Toffee Pudding and Hot Chocolate Lava Pots.

All recipes indicate cooking and preparation time and how many servings. Most of the ingredients are freely available and the step-by-step instructions are easy to follow. There is also a cook’s tip at the end of most recipes. The hint in the recipe for Fried Chicken with Coleslaw says that for extra succulent chicken, cover and refrigerate the buttermilk-covered chicken for eight hours or overnight.

The full colour images add to the book’s value. Although it will be a useful volume to add your collection I somehow doubt it will become your go-to recipe book.

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