CSA accredited courses offered by SWD Cricket

The SWD Cricket Coaching Department will be conducting a number of CSA Accredited Coaching Courses during the cricket off-season.

Interested coaches who meet the requirements as stipulated below must complete a course registration form available on the SWD Website under coaching. Candidates must attend all sessions.

The course are:

Level 1 (evenings) – 15,17,18,22,24 and 25 May in George for Unqualified coaches

Level 1 (afternoon/Saturday) – 8,9 and15 June in Knysna for Unqualified Coaches

Level 2 (full day) – 6,7 and 12 June in Oudtshoorn for Level 1 Coaches

Level 2 (afternoon/Saturday) – 20,21,27,28 July in George for Level 1 Coaches

Level 2 Refresher – 22 and 24 October   TBC for Qualified Level 2 Coaches

CSA Requirements for Candidates

Level I Course (Basic Skills – Teaching Cricket to Junior Cricketers)

The minimum age requirement for candidates who wish to register for this particular course, is 18 years.   All candidates must write a preliminary test to prove their general cricket knowledge and in order to continue with the Level I course, candidates must attain an 80% pass mark.  The duration of the Level I Course is 18 hours The course evaluation consists of a 1-hour written exam as well as a practical coaching assessment. 

Level II Course (Intermediate Skills – Coaching Schoolboy and Junior Club Cricketers)

Candidates must be 21 years of age or older to register for the Level II Course.

A candidate must have EITHER:

  1. a) Held a Revised Level I certificate for at least 12 months; OR b) Be in possession of a pre-2005 Level II coaching certificate; OR c) Played a minimum of 10 representative games at first-class level.

The Level II Course consists of EIGHT 3-hour Modules (24 hours), plus a 1½-hour written paper as well as a 1-hour practical assessment.   Successful candidates will qualify for a certificate after successfully completing the course and overall evaluation and logging the required 40-hours practical coaching.

Queries may be directed to Garry Hampson, the Coach Education Manager for SWD Cricket via mail at garryh@cricket.co.za

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