International blockbuster hits local cinemas this week!

Since its international release in March 2018, this film has managed to create the same kind of hype that the multi-platinum single caused when it was released in 2001 and has already earned about $81 000 000 ($17 108 914 during opening weekend) at the US Box Office.

Starting this weekend, local audiences will also get the opportunity to experience this inspiring tale on the big screen when it opens at cinemas nationwide.

The idea for the song was inspired by band frontman, Bart Millard’s, past and was written years after finally overcoming his abusive childhood. It immediately resonated with audiences of all ages, became an instant top-selling hit, won Songwriter Of The Year and Song Of The Year at the Dove Awards and was certified as a double platinum selling Christian song. “We were making an independent record, and we needed one more song. And I was literally just trying to find a blank page [in my journal], and every page had the words ‘I Can Only Imagine’ written on it,” shares Bart. “So it was kinda like, ‘I get it.’ I wrote the song on the bus one night. Even though it took about five or ten minutes to write, it had been in my heart for a really long time.” 

Watch the Song here! 

I CAN ONLY IMAGINE, a film by the directors of Mom’s Night Out and Woodlawn, Jon and Andrew Erwin (Erwin Brothers) and producer Kevin Downes (Courageous), tells the story of a young boy in Texas who is emotionally and physically abused by his father (Dennis Quaid) and abandoned by his mother. The abuse starts after his father suffers a brain injury due to an accident at work and becomes a ‘monster’ who is unable to control his anger and disappointment with life. By the grace of God, Bart (John Michael Finley) and his father manages to redeem their relationship during his teenage years and he gets to witness the power of faith and transformation first-hand.

Broadway actor, John Michael Finley (Les Misérables, Sweeney Todd), impresses with his on-screen debut in the lead-role of Bart Millard in this emotional film. Acclaimed actor, Dennis Quaid (The Right Stuff, Breaking Away, The Parent Trap, Far From Heaven) plays Arthur, Bart’s father, who saw his dreams dashed and strives to protect his son from similar disappointment, even if it means having no dreams at all. The film also boasts impressive performances by model and television star, Madeline Carroll, in the role of Millard’s wife Shannon as well as Golden Globe Winner, Cloris Leachman (A Brand New Life, Malcolm in the Middle), as Memaw.

I CAN ONLY IMAGINE is a gripping reminder of the power of hope and forgiveness and beautifully illustrates that no one is ever too far from God’s love – or from an eternal home in Heaven. This powerful movie is distributed by Ster-Kinekor Entertainment and will hit South African cinemas on 11 May 2018.

Watch the trailer here:



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