Drive will help small companies manage their fleets effectively

Brian Joss – SMMEs can now manage and administer their company’s vehicles and reveal unforeseen costs and inefficiencies, through Drive from Ctrack which provides accurate, precise and live insights, according to the manufacturer.

Drive is suitable for SMMEs and companies with fleets of 30 vehicles or less. The mobile solution is for businesses whose vehicles are not their core business and who do not employ dedicated fleet managers.

Simple to use, the Drive solution provides all the fleet management tools business owners will ever need, without the “prohibitive costs and complexity of current offerings”.

Drive’s intuitive dashboard, for example, can be viewed and administered on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile devices and provides a top-down view of all vehicles, drivers and tasks, simultaneously.

GPS integration locates vehicles and drivers in real-time through easy to use map software. Responsive mapping indicates a driver’s current location as well as where they’re headed to next, giving small businesses the ability to provide their customers with updated estimated times of arrival.

The solution can also provide a full overview of a company’s in-progress and scheduled tasks, with the tracking of deliveries and job statuses also performed in real-time. With Drive, it is possible to schedule jobs beforehand, assigning these to specific drivers or vehicles, or both, as required.

After entering the tasks for the day, the built-in route optimisation function provides the most efficient routes for drivers to travel. This reduces the time taken and distances driven, as well as the amount of fuel consumed on a daily basis. It also means drivers waste no time phoning controllers for assistance.

Jobs and customer visits can be scheduled on driver’s phones, thereby assisting themwith planning and structuring their tasks into organised workflows. Turn-by-turn navigation means drivers never get lost, while a trip score highlights areas needing driver behavour improvements.

Real-time driving violations can be depicted, and where vehicles were driven, where they stopped or where they idled excessively. Using geo-fencing capability, vehicles can be limited to predefined areas, with alerts sent when breaches occur. These alerts can be sent and received via the Drive app, SMS or email and can be categorised and organised into user groups, making them simpler to manage.

Drive users can create service intervals of differing lengths and service types, while drivers can report vehicle faults through the app. Business and private logbooks can be produced and separated, with the business logbook used to recover business mileage expenses.

Detailed and fully customisable reports are easy to interpret and can be downloaded for further scrutiny. These reports help small business owners analyse their cost items and allow them to make better decisions, faster.

A stolen vehicle recovery service is also included on a 24/7 basis. “”Drive is the culmination of 30 years of experience and reflects a deep understanding of the needs of our customers across the diverse fleet telematics market,” says Cobus Grove, Ctrack Global COO.. 

“This system grants business owners full online visibility of their company’s fleet, for improved operational efficiencies, on the move. Drive enables Ctrack clients to make split-second decisions that reduce costs from the first day of implementation,” he said.

Caption: Drive: keeping track of your vehicles

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