WESSA Eden Newsletter June 2018 & Recycling Roadshow 14 June

Dear Friends of the Environment, 

the June Newsletter is almost overdue and partly because I attended the 2-day 2018 Garden Route Environmental Restoration Seminar held at Brenton-on Sea.

More than 20 high calibre speakers shared research and future options with the participants on numerous topics ranging from the fires of 2017, meteorology, disaster management, regrowth of goodies and baddies, how to deal with the baddies and future scenarios and how to improve the already excellent co-operation of the various organs and entities.

Next month’s Newsletter will hopefully include a more detailed summary.

This month’s Newsletter includes information on a planned Road-side geology tour. Please let me know if you are interested in participating.

WESSA Eden Newsletter June 2018

And at very short notice we have been informed via the George Chamber of Commerce of the Western Cape Recycling Action Group” Roadshow on Thursday 14 June……..

WCRAG Roadshow Invite 14 June 2018

WCRAG Roadshow Programme14 June 2018

Regards, Christine

Christine Ridge-Schnaufer
Honorary Secretary
Tel: 044 873 4203 Fax: 086 646 5458
e-mail: wessageorge@isat.co.za

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